10 Celebrities Who Could Become Next United States President


6. Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen is a 60-year-old American Comedian who always entertains us with her performance. She has been declared as 50th most powerful women and also received the second highest votes from people who want to see her as a President. She has a huge fan base and also does many welfare activities. And she also is a spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaign, animal right activist and also is a part of AIDS awareness program by Hillary Clinton. She can surely stand up for everyone and rule with justice.

7. Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman is an American actor and has a huge fan base, but rather than that he also has the potential of being a President. He is a part of Grenada Relief Fund which works for the relief and recovery of natural disaster victims now. He is a part of various such foundations that work for the welfare of people and he can surely build up a strong empire if becomes a President.

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8. Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks is a popular face in Hollywood and has won may Oscars. He is a very down to earth man and has a great passion to help others, he is a part of various charitable foundations and works for the betterment of his fellow citizens. He can be a great President and has a strong political tone too.

9. Rachel Maddow

Rachel is the host of her show on MSNBC and has a great ability in research and detailed study of various news. She has a great power when it comes to delivering news and has excellent skills in debate. If she uses her speaking skills, then she can acknowledge the people out there and could put America is a great line.

10. LeBron James

10 Celebrities Who Could Become Next United States President

LeBron James does his job quite well as a basketball player, but rather than this he is also a part of various charities that help schools across the nation and has always stood up for social justice. He is a strong voice for the needy people out there and a President like him would be great for America.


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