10 Interesting Kissing Customs Around The World

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Kissing is said to be an integral part of humanity and every culture is coming with their unique twist towards this act. So today we’ll discuss about some customs involving kissing around globe, so let’s start.

So here are those 10 interesting kissing customs around the world that you didn’t know till now!

10. Kissing bench of the Syracuse University

10 Interesting Kissing Customs Around The World

There is a particular spot in this University in Central New York and it is said that anyone can come and sit on this bench and kiss anyone to get a lifetime happiness or else sit on it alone to get lifetime loneliness. This act or curse doesn’t affect males but they do affect females.

9. The Blarney stone

It is said that the builder of the Blarney Castle once saved a witch from drowning and in return of saving her life she revealed to the builder that if someone kisses the Blarney stone, he or she would get the gift of gab or you can say some special skills regarding communication and flattery.

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8. Faire La Bise

In France there is a tradition called Faire La Bise and in it the citizen of France kiss each other as a form greeting. To strangers they only touch the cheek and make a sound like kissing and to the known ones they can kiss on the cheek.

7. The kissing of the bricks

In the year 1996, which was NASCAR’s second year at the racing tracks, Dale Jarret( the driver ) and his crew decided to make a custom of their own. So they kissed a row of bricks which was from the starting line to the ending point, from then it became a tradition.

6. Kissing pope’s ring

Kissing the Pope’s ring is a tradition as he is seen as the representative of Catholic Church’s head and also of Jesus Christ. And Kissing Pope’s ring shows a sign of respect towards him.


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