10 Interesting Kissing Customs Around The World

5. The kissing post

On the Ellis Island, the immigration gateway into the United States was the busiest from 1892 to 1954, so the nondescript column over there was named as the kissing post and in it new immigrants were supposed to reunite with their families. It was behind a partition and relatives or friends waited for them to get cleared and once it got cleared the relatives or friends were brought in and the two groups actually used to see each other in it and then join each other. It was named as the kissing post as a number of kisses were getting witnessed in it. and symbolizes reunion of love and freedom now.

4. Wedding traditions

Every culture has a custom to kiss each other of their wedding day and this custom was actually started by the Romans. Exchanging kiss between the bride and groom has now become very common in weddings.

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3. Full moon on the quad

This tradition started back in the 19th century in the Stanford University when a senior class man could kiss a woman of the freshmen batch. Since then this tradition is being continued.

2. A trobriand islands kiss

Their kissing custom is quite weird as it starts off by sitting in a squat position and landing kisses on the partner by hugging him in that position. Then he start rubbing their tongues and body and then they start biting each other’s lips and sometimes they bite so heard that blood starts to draw. Then after that they start biting each other’s eyelashes…. WEIRD!

1. Bali’s Omed-Omedan festival

This festival is held every year and in it teenagers gather on the main road and say a prayer, after that they dance, hug and kiss each other while others spray water on the teenagers while they’re on action.


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