10 Places That Sunk Under Water!

Hello friends! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Our history book contains so many chapter about civilization. There are so many things that happened in history, which are still unknown to us. Like the places that sunk under the water. We will let you know some of those left things. Let’s start here.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Places That Sunk Under Water!

1. Recanto Ecológico Rio Da Prata

This place was famous for its ecotourism. This is a hiking trail in the city of Bonito, Mexico. After so much heavy rainfall, this city was completely submerged in water. It remained under water for almost 2 years.

2. Fenghuang

This was an ancient city in China. There had been once the signs of history. Back in 2014, this city was flooded and got submerged. All of its people were made to evacuate the city. Rescue teams were sent to help the people. Some houses completely drowned under water. All its historic enrichment sunk in that flood.

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3. Potosi 

In 1984, a city in Venezuela got submerged in heavy rain. It was purposely flooded to make a hydroelectric dam. But, 30 years later, this city of Potosi re surfaced. There is a church in this city which is withstanding every storm. It remained during flood, even when government tried to explode the church,it remained there.

4. Baia

Baia was known as the Las Vegas of the Roman empire. One of the main attraction of the city were its hot springs. It had so many volcanic dents hence that lead the devastation. The water levels rose and this city completely submerged under water. It presence is still there are some of its monuments and architectures are still preserved underwater. It is now a marine protected area.

5. Vilarinho Das Furnas 

This ancient city in 1972, got submerged under water due to flooding caused by the construction of dam. This city was founded y Romans and is still there since the last 200 years. The houses, windows and other things made from stones prove this.