10 Strangest School Uniforms And Dress Codes!

Welcome back everyone to another top 10 article of Humor Nation…so let’s get started! School uniforms are worn by the students and there’s a proper dress code in each and every school to promote a sense of equality and unity. While some uniforms are pretty ordinary, simple and plain, there are some stranger, bizarre, and outrageous uniforms that will surprise you.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Strangest School Uniforms And Dress Codes!

10. Christ’s Hospital School in West Sussex, United Kingdom

10 Strangest School Uniforms And Dress Codes!

Starting off this list in at number 10 with Christ’s Hospital School in West Sussex, United Kingdom school uniforms. These uniforms look so weird to us because they look like they could be a Halloween costume. They have strange looking white neck bands and super blinding bright yellow stockings. They definitely don’t look comfortable, I would hate to imagine what their gym uniform would look like.

9. Brighton Secondary School in Adelaide, Australia

Alright moving into number 9, we have the uniform from the Brighton Secondary School in Adelaide, Australia. This uniform is pretty simple looking. It doesn’t show us any school pride though and the colors looks so dull. It almost looks like a farmer’s wife dress. I guess they want their students to come to school in these plain uniforms so that there aren’t any distractions.

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8. Harrow School in London, England

Harrow School in London, England makes it onto this list in at number 8. Their uniform is pretty strange because it looks so formal and something that you would wear to a nice occasion and not for everyday use. But then things get even more strange with that straw hat. It seems like a requirement because in all of the pictures students are either wearing them or holding them. Just imagine if you forgot it one day I bet you would be sent home or suspended.

7. Elizabeth Garrett Anderson school in Islington, London

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson school in Islington, London. This uniform makes it onto this list in at number 7 because it is very unique and strange. It looks like something that a young teenage girl would want to actually wear instead of an ugly dull colored uniform. Well the students at this school helped to design these uniforms because they wanted more freedom and to feel more comfortable with the way that they look.


6. St Aidan’s Anglican Girls School in Queensland, Australia

Alright now in at number 6, we have the St Aidan’s Anglican Girls School in Queensland, Australia. These students are forced to wear pilgrim looking school uniforms on a daily basis. Maybe the school is trying to incorporate some of the past into their uniforms, but these are just not good. Even though these kids look happy I bet they are crying on the inside.

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5. James Gillespie’s in Edinburgh, Scotland

James Gillespie’s in Edinburgh, Scotland brings us into number 5. So I know in Scotland kilts are their national dress, but they are mostly worn on only special occasions. But for the boys at this school they love to wear kilts so much that they came to the unanimous decision to make the kilt part of their school uniform.

4. Norland Nanny School in Bath, United Kingdom

Traveling all the way to Norland Nanny School in Bath, United Kingdom these uniforms make it into number 4. So if you are looking to pursue a career as a full time nanny then there is a school in the UK just for that. But the uniform is really strange looking. They have to wear a Mary Poppins type hat and brown gloves. I guess they need to look prim and proper at all times.

3. Eton College in Windsor, England

This is one of the world’s top private institution and you can definitely tell by the way they dress. These boys are required to wear a top hat and a tail coat to school on a daily basis. Talk about pretentious. They can’t escape all of the stereotypes surrounding private schools because just look at their uniforms. I bet they would get suspended if their uniform was wrinkly or dirty.

2. Mooseheart High School Concert Band in Iowa, United States

Mooseheart High School Concert Band in Iowa United States makes it onto this list in at number 2. These uniforms have puffy pants and a blazer with a fancy pattern down the chest that looks like flowers. They look really stiff and uncomfortable. These students also look like the could be in the army or military. And judging by the picture they don’t seem to be having any fun in that band.

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1. Beichuan County school in China

Finally in at number 1, we have the Beichuan County school in China. These everyday uniforms make these kids look like they are going to school in the wilderness. Their jackets are so puffy and they have a strange bandana around their necks. They are even required to wear these huge jackets inside the school as well. It must be cold in that part of China.

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