12 Awesome ‘Supernatural’ Quotes That Every True Fan Must Read!

For some Supernatural is just a TV show, but for some it’s a lifestyle, it’s a religion, it’s everything! Yes, we are those who love this show like crazy and it’s a permanent part of our lives now. What makes this show special is its extraordinary fan base. Supernatural has the most loyal, dedicated, passionate fandom on the internet. Supernatural rules the internet, the fans of the show express their love for the show by writing fan fiction stories, quoting the famous lines of the show. It’s a fact that ‘Supernatural‘ is full of amazing and meaningful quotes.

Supernatural TV Fandom

Every now and then we find ourselves randomly quoting one of the characters of the show. That’s what makes us different from the fans of other shows.

We all love the show so much. Almost each and every line of the show is a quote! But we’ve compiled a list of 12 Awesome ‘Supernatural’ Quotes That Every True Fan Must Read!

1. Family is what matters the most, they are there to give you the strength to keep pushing through the difficulties. Family love you, they care about you, they are always there for you.


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2. Never count the Winchesters out. They are always there to save the day, saving people, hunting things, that’s the purpose of their lives. So never underestimate the Winchesters.

3. The angel who became human. Castiel is one of the most favorite characters of the show and a crush of many girls.


4. The world needs the Winchesters. Every time there’s an armageddon, every time there’s an apocalypse, there will be a Winchester to stop it.

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5. Remember when Dean was under a witch’s curse and was losing his memory slowly. It was definitely one of the most emotional moments of Supernatural. 

6. Whatever you do, never ever hurt any Winchester!

7. No matter how worse things get, no  matter what happens, you always have a choice. You can either give up or fight until your last breath.

8. Rowena knows the taste of revenge. And it’s really sweet.

9. When someone says you have an acne.

10. Why can’t we humans be like that?

11. You don’t wanna make Dean Winchester angry.

12. Always keep it simple.

I am sure there are plenty of amazing, meaningful, hilarious quotes of the show that are your favorites, but they didn’t make our top ten list. You can let us know your favorite quotes by commenting below the article.

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