10 Horror And Scary Traditions Celebrated Around The World

6. The Double Ninth Festival

This relates to a tale in which a monster was killed on a ninth day. This tradition is celebrated in countries like China, Japan, and Vietnam on October 19.

7. Night of the Pumpkins

This one is the most followed tradition. It started off from Spain. This day a drink Queimada is distributed. It purifies the soul of the drinker.

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8. Allhelgonadagen

This one is from Sweden. The people visit the graves of their ancestors. They started following the American traditions after 1982.

9. Bread Of The Dead

This tradition is from Mexico. They prepare food on the day and visit the graves of their lost relatives.

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10. Kite Flying (Spooky)

1st November is the celebration day to this kite flying tradition. People fly designer kites with a belief to keep away the curse of evil souls.


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