10 Viral Internet Trends That Ended Many Lives!

5. Tombstoning

This trend was to jump into deep water with a stiff upright body posture. The teenagers jumped from some great good heights and hurt themselves terribly.

4. Lips Challenge

Many of you might know about this Kylie Jenner lip challenge. Her fans were attracted to her pumped up lips and desired for same. They started to suck in the shot glasses. Surely not the pumped lips but they do get some medical issues.

3. Extreme Selfies

This was an example of sheer stupidity. People went to extreme locations for the sake of a selfie. Sometimes they got many good photos but many times that were their last photos.

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2. Punch For Punch

An upgraded version of the red hand. A video got viral of a game where people punched each other unless one of them ask to quit. Just to take the game for longer, people were ready to take injuries but resisted quitting.

1. Subway Surfing

This was a stunt that sowed seeds to the popular game SUBWAY SURFERS. A teenager tried to run on a train and this stunt took his life. The video got viral in no time, but people were adviced not to imitate.

10 Viral Internet Trends That Ended Many Lives!


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