10 Worst Jobs Around The World That Actually Exist!

Worst Jobs!
There are amazing jobs in the world that people can choose for themselves. There are only a few people who are satisfied with their current job.

There are amazing jobs in the world that people can choose for themselves. There are only a few people who are satisfied with their current jobs. I am pretty sure you’ll start loving your job after reading this.

Take A Look At These 10 Worst Jobs In The World You Won’t Believe.

1. Roofers.

These guys don’t earn loads of money, yet working conditions that could kill them. Falling from the top is the number one killer among roofers. But, there are other factors too. Apparently, they can burn from volatile tar, electrocution is known to happen and tiles or other things falling also add to the danger level. Some of them known to pass away from heat stroke and many injuries happen to the beginners in the industry.

2. Snake Milker.

The snake milker’s job is to take a venomous snake and literally collect the venom from their fangs. They do this with their bare hands by very carefully holding the snake in such a way that they get ready to bite. The venom is collected in a plate with the venom dripped and is collected. It’s all very scientific now, the benefits of collecting venom are to be able to create anti-venom drugs. So, this job is an important one.

3. Miners.

Talk about a real risk, miners work inside the deepest of depths of the earth in the hottest, noisiest, darkest and most uncomfortable working condition. There is a huge risk in the job. Mining has the highest fatality rate of any other job in the world. One of the biggest risks is to being caved in. The purpose of a miner is to obtain coal from the mines to be used as energy. As dangerous as it is, a miner only makes roughly 25$ an hour. Although, mine Foreman could earn as much as 100000$ a year.

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4. Garbage Men.

We tend to take garbage men and refuse collectors for granted. But, probably not anymore the death rate is 33 per 100000. They collect the remains of household fluids and germs plus dangerous and sharp objects carelessly thrown into bags. This is really a dangerous job to do.

5. Butcher.

The whole world would be vegetarian, said Paul McCartney. Eric Schlosser wrote a book called ‘The Fast Food Nation’ where he mentions workers on the line were about 8 pounds of chain beneath their white coats. Shiny steel armor that covers their hands, wrists, stomach and back. The chain males designed to protect workers from cutting themselves and from being cut by the workers. I think that about sums it up wouldn’t you agree?

6. Water Slide Testers.

Well, you can sign us up for this next job immediately. Imagine being paid to test out the newest, coolest water slides. This is an actual job but it also doesn’t come without few risks. The main purpose of the waterslide tester is to make sure that the ride is safe. It means it may not be. If anything goes wrong during a run on a new slide, it’s just a part of the course.

7. Taking The Selfie.

Taking the most insane selfies has become more than just a trend. These guys are making a living out of it. More people die yearly from selfies than from shark attacks. People get themselves into dangerous situations and many die from falling or being hit by a vehicle or train. Yaroslav cicada is one of those daredevil selfie-takers. He has scaled many freakishly high buildings and of course, he makes some money from that.

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8. Shark Tank Cleaner.

Cleaning a million liter tank may seem like a boring job. But, throw sharks into the tank while you’re cleaning it, it will suddenly become an extreme job. Fun fact, the most dangerous time of year to clean a shark tank is during mating season when the sharks are most aggressive and easy to annoy. Shark tank cleaner spend hours a day cleaning tanks and all sharks circle around them. The salary for this extreme job is about 25000 dollars a year.

9. Diamond Digger.

This job is not an easy one and there are many things that can go wrong. You’re deep underground for a long time, silica dust is all around you and the effects of inhaling large portions of it are silicosis, which causes inflammation on the lungs. This is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

10. Alligator Wrestling.

It’s crazy to danger situations people will put themselves in to entertain others. Alligator wrestling is an actual job and you’ll mainly find this over in Florida. It began as a tourist attraction, but that later evolved into a sport. Gators are a big part of Florida’s culture. Along with alligator wrestling, tourists can watch alligators being hypnotized and tamed.