15 Dangerous Roads In The World That Can Kill You!

15 Dangerous Roads In The World That Can Kill You!

Hey guys! Welcome to Humor Nation! Today we will be looking at some of the most dangerous roads in the world that have high accident and death rates. Do you know that around 1.3 million people die in road accidents every year. So always drive safe because your life matters.

So Let’s Take A Look At 15 Dangerous Roads In The World That Can Kill You If You’re Careless While Driving!

1. This looks extremely dangerous. But everyday hundred of trucks pass through this route.

2. This road looks really beautiful, but at the same time it’s dangerous too.

3. Road covered in snow. The James Dalton Highway is one of the oldest and also the one of the most isolated roads in the world.

4. One more Indian road on our list. For your information, all roads in India are dangerous.

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5. Yungas Road is also known as the death road, it’s one of the most famous as well as dangerous road in the world.

6. Do not travel on the Atlantic Ocean Road in severe weather conditions because it becomes extremely dangerous during the blizzards and storms.

7. This famous Chinese tunnel road requires the driver to have monk like focus to drive. One little mistake can cost the driver his life. 


8. Don’t drive on this road during the tides otherwise it can prove to be fatal. Drive really slow on this uneven stone paved road.

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9. It took 8 years to construct this road. It is one of the most spectacular roads, but also very dangerous. The driver must pay extra attention to every turn and must be focused on the curve.

10. Although the Hana road in Hawaii is very scenic, but it is also infamous for its twisting turns and blind curves. But the beauty you’ll experience while driving on this road makes it worth.

11. The Kolyma Highway is also known as the ‘Bone’s Road’ because the bones of many people who died while constructing this road are buried benath the road.

12. This is one of the highest mountain roads in the world.

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13. It’s a real thrill to ride a motorcycle on this road.

14. This narrow mountain pass connects the city of Sochi to Ritsa.

15. This is straight out of some video game!

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