15 Interesting Facts About Jensen Ackles AKA Dean Winchester

Jensen Ackles is mainly known for his role of hunter Dean Winchester on the CW hit show Supernatural. However it should be noted that Jensen is a very talented actor and director, he is a lot more than just Dean Winchester. He has had numerous successful roles in a lot of works, ranging from movies to other TV shows. So Jensen fans, people who are interested in knowing unknown information about him, get ready! There are a lot of things, many unknown facts that you might not know about Jensen. So let’s get started!

So Let’s Take A Look At 25 Interesting Facts About Jensen Ackles AKA Dean Winchester!

1. He was born in Dallas, Texas.

2. Jensen with his mom and dad.

3. His brother name is Joshua who is 3 years older than him and a sister who is 7 years younger.

4. About his family lineage.

25 Interesting Facts About Jensen Ackles AKA Dean Winchester

5. He made the right choice.

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6. Jensen is a very talented actor.


7. Many people know him from his time on the soap opera ‘Days Of Our Lives’.

8. He even won an award for the best newcomer. That’s amazing!

9. Jensen Ackles left ‘Days Of Our Lives’ for the mini-series ‘Blonde’.

10. But he appeared in the series playing the character of Jason Teague in season 4.

11. He even rejected the offer of playing Captain America or Hawkeye!

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12. He is also a great singer.

13. Jensen married Danneel Harris in November 2009.

14. Remember his dad in season 8 of Supernatural?

15. He is a great fan of his shows.

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