4 Places In India That You Never Ever Visit

Welcome to Humor Nation. As intriguing as it may sound, if warned not to be visited, one should avoid visiting it. The curiosity of the unknown often compels us to go where we shouldn’t. Well, it isn’t that tough to avoid being in a tight spot. Never ever visit these places.

So here let’s talk about 4 places in India you should avoid visiting- 

1. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Every historic building has a story to tell and so does this fort. Princess Ratnavati was the jewel of Rajasthan and a tantrik fell for her and planned on casting a love spell on her. As soon as the princess was made aware of this, she got the tantrik killed. However, the tanrik is said to have cursed the town before dying. Since then the town is abandoned and anything built on the grounds of the town is said to fall that very moment.

The fort, however, is allowed visitors but only at some specific hours and via a specific route. The fort is off limits after sunset and before sunrise because that is the time of heightened paranormal activities there. People who have stayed the night say that footsteps and the screeching sound of a woman can be heard during the middle of the night.

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2. Delhi Cantonment, Delhi

It is always fun to share your ride with a female hitchhiker, isn’t it? Well, the story of Delhi Cantonment will surely change that notion of yours. One of the most beautiful spots in Delhi during the day, the cantonment is the last place you’d want to be at night.

It is said that the road passing through the cantonment witnesses an unwanted, ghostly hitchhiker, all in white, waving at the passerby’s vehicles for a ride. The ones who stop to help the lady are found to be mysteriously missing. The others who don’t pull their cars over have to deal with the consequences. They witness the white figure racing parallel to their vehicle, speeding as the vehicle does. However, the horror ends as soon as the car reaches the border of the cantonment.


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