5 Actresses Who Ruined Their Careers By Choosing To Work With Salman Khan

Welcome to Humor Nation. Bollywood is a huge gamble. You just can’t be sure as to which movie would be a chartbuster and which one would go down the drain. Our very own celebs play an important role in this gamble, well, take Salman Khan for one.

Salman Khan has introduced a good number of actresses to the industry but only a few of them could make it to the top.

Let me present to you 5 actresses who debuted their way to flops with Salman Khan

1. Athiya Shetty

5 Actresses Who Debuted Their Way To Flops With Salman Khan

Salman Khan launched Athiya Shetty in Hero in 2015. Although it was Salman’s first home production and featured two-star kids, it did not do wonders at the box office. Sorry Athiya!

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2. Daisy Shah

The choreographer-turned-actress, Daisy Shah was introduced in movies by Salman Khan. Her first movie with the actor was Jai Ho which had hit the cinema halls in 2014. However, the movie was a flop and Daisy has been trying to survive in Bollywood ever since. All the best Daisy!



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