5 Bizarre Japanese School Rules That Are Insane!

Japanese school rules
Welcome back the Humor Nation guys and today we'll talk about 5 shocking Japanese school rules. If you guys are reading this article from Japan

Welcome back the Humor Nation guys and today we’ll talk about 5 shocking Japanese school rules. If you guys are reading this article from Japan, maybe they won’t surprise you. But I’m sure, they may raise a few eyebrows around the rest of the world. Some of these rules are really strict that you won’t even imagine.

Take A Look At 5 Shocking And Bizarre Japanese School Rules

1. Saturday School

In 1992, Japan famously got rid of their one-day weekend law where everyone was only allowed to have Sunday off every week. Since then, Saturday is now also a day of rest but not for many schools in Japan. Many schools of Japanese society continue to run on Saturdays as if it was a normal weekday at school. Giving students just one day a week to call their own. What do you guys think of this? If you’re at school now, how would you feel if you got told that you have to come to school on a Saturday?

2. 10 P.m Curfew

In many parts of Japan, it is illegal for school children to not be home by 10 p.m. In order to enforce this, many movie theaters, arcade places and other teenage hangout spots will deny entry to these kids after 10 p.m. Those who are past school age may even get their IDs.


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3. No Janitors

A lot of you will have gone to a school where a paid adult cleans the school for everyone else. Well in many Japanese schools, that job falls on the kids themselves. In an effort to teach kids to clean up after themselves, they will end up mocking, scrubbing and sweeping their own classroom floors. Sometimes, they’ll even clean the toilets. Some people find this shocking but kids are doing that kind of work. I think it’s a great idea. what do you guys think?

4. School’s Out For Summer? Not Really!

If you are from America or any other part of the world, chances are your school break is about 10 weeks. For Japan, it’s about half of that and it wouldn’t even really fair to say that school is really closed for summers. Many younger students and their teachers still have to go to the schools almost every day for club activities. This is disgusting.

5. Hairstyles

In most western schools, you have to do something pretty crazy with your hair to be a problem. In Japan, they’re quite a bit stricter with it. Generally, a boy’s hair must be short enough so that it doesn’t reach the bottom of his neck. It must also be trimmed close to his ears, have no layers and contains no sort of hair products. These are really strict rules to be followed.