7 Things You Should Never Post On Social Media!

Social media
Welcome to the Humor Nation guys. Social media can be very addicting in today's world and I know I'm also addicted to it.

Welcome to the Humor Nation guys. Social media can be very addicting in today’s world and I know I’m also addicted to it. Basically, everyone is on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. Even if you think your privacy settings are on lockdown, you never know who can gain access to your stuff. So, it is very important to be very alert while on these social media platforms to protect yourself.

Here Are 5 Things You Should Never Post On Social Media.

1. Phone Number

It is convenient to have your phone number accessible to your friends who might need to get in contact with you. It can also be very dangerous for you. People can take your phone number and do a reverse phone number lookup and your location can be tracked quite easily. So just be careful with that and who knows? Someone might be chasing you right now.

2. Your Birth Date

Although it is very nice to receive birthday wishes on your Facebook Timeline, it can also put you in a really bad situation. If you have your full birth date on the internet, scammers and identity thieves now have access to this key information that is needed to steal your identity and open up accounts in your name.

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3. Home Address

This is a pretty obvious one but it does happen you never know who might be looking at your profile it’s that simple don’t post where you live online it’s not private it’s basically the same thing as telling a complete stranger where you live stalkers and criminals can actually use Google Maps to case your house and see what the best route is to get in vacation plans makes its way onto this list at

4. Vacations And Trips

A lot of people will post about vacations or plane tickets while on vacation because they’re so damn excited. But, for potential criminals and house invaders, this is the green light to come rob your house. While you’re on vacation in the Bahamas beach or something that there’s no one at your home, it is recommended that you wait until you return from your vacation. After coming from vacations, you can post pictures or discuss it on social media.

5. Relationship Problems

If you’re having a fight with your partner, please do not post it on social media. People don’t need to read all of your issues and it could be just really embarrassing. They will probably judge you and your partner since this doesn’t seem like a healthy behavior. Talk to your partner instead of letting everyone know about your personal issue and try to resolve the fight. This is the most disgusting thing people do on the internet.

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6. Complaint About Your Job

Even if you had a frustrating day at work, it is never a good idea to complain about your workplace online. Your co-workers or boss might stumble across your post and it can get you in huge trouble. If you’re applying for a new job, they might check your social media and see if you know you’re a complainer or not. If there’s something there that should hit red flags or something that, you know your employer will definitely not like that.

7. Embarrassing Things

I mean there’s another one that gets overlooked a lot. So, before you post anything online, stop and think for a moment. Don’t just post anything ridiculous online. Even if you pull something and delete it after, you never know who’s just screenshotting your profile. So think twice before you upload a picture of yourself on a drunken night because it might just come back and haunt you.