5 Things To Learn From Nana Patekar!

Vishwanath Patekar or simply “Nana” Patekar is one among the finest actors of Bollywood. Old is gold and yes this man is a gem of a person. He made his debut in 70’s in the B-town. He did so many amazing movies with his breathtaking acting. He received a national award for movie “Parinda” in 1989. Not only in hindi movies, Nana Patekar has shown his talent and skills in Maharashtrian cinema too. List of his best movies include- Krantiveer, Ab Tak Chappan, Prahar, Parinda, Apaharan, Rajneeti, Tiranga, The Attacks of 26/11, and Natsamrat.

His style is different, yet powerful. He is famous for playing sarcastic and capricious roles with his brash dialogue delivery style. He is a very dedicated actor and played many challenging roles with utmost perfection. The most challenging role was to play a deaf and mute person in movie-“Khamoshi”. He has proved time and time again that he is a versatile actor who can perform any role with his unique elements which can make the character hit. He played a role of abusive husband in “Agnisakshi”, a gangster in “Ghulam-E-Mustafa”, an encounter specialist cop in “Ab Tak Chappan”. Nana has shown to the world that he is so versatile in every form. Even today he is recognized for his social works. He didn’t give up working for humanity. He is still working for human race.

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 Things To Learn From Nana Patekar!

1. If you are determined enough, you can make the difference!

5 Things To Learn From Nana Patekar!

Nana is a living example that even one person can make the difference, if he is determined in whatever he had thought. In 2015, Nana along with his friend Makarand Anaspure established an organization name “Naam Foundation” to help the drought affected farmers in Maharashtra. He distributed cheques to approx 113 families, also he himself visited to their houses and spoke to them. Also the issue of farmer suicide was high that time, Nana asked them –“If you ever think of committing suicide, just talk to me first”. He never thought that he is doing something very big, he always thought that anybody at his place would do the same. He doesn’t know that not everyone does the same. Hats off to you sir!

2. Reach more and more heights, but stay connected to your roots!

Nana has done so much of fabulous work throughout his career, but he never lost the touch of the sand. He is still a down to earth person. Nana was born to a lower middle class family, his life was full of struggles, but he knew that hard work and persistence conquer all things. His hard work paid off. In his early life, when he wasn’t as famous or successful, he earned his living by drawing zebra crossings on roads of Mumbai. Today also he donates all his earnings to charity, he does not believe in material possessions. Today he lives with his mother in a 1 BHK flat in Mumbai suburbs. He is humble and genuine, kind and caring, wise and simple. He is an Inspiration for the youth.

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3. Humanity is the only religion to follow!

Nana Patekar never liked the idea of proving one’s religion superior over other. He believed that whatever you are – Christian, Hindu, Muslim, etc. You always need to be human first. Speaking once at a school function in Sindhudurg district, he said- “We all are Indians and that should be our only religion.What is need to be called hindu, Muslim, or Christian? Does anybody have any religion or caste at the time of birth?” He also believed that every religion is one and it teaches us to look god’s existence inside ourselves. He is simple and straightforward person. His action always matched with his words. He always does what he preaches.


4. Money should not change your essence!

Nana Patekar had a time in his life when he was unable to afford an auto-rickshaw ride. Even though today when he can ride in luxurious cars for rides, he still prefers to ride in an auto-rickshaw. He knows his roots deep within himself. He believes that stardom is temporary, it will fade away with time, and if you are not prepared than it will be difficult to survive. Nana takes pride in being same throughout. He knows where he came from. He live an ordinary and simple life.

5. The Shopkeeper change problem!

Now no more chutta problem, Nana has the solution. Whenever a shopkeeper gives you toffees instead of chillar, follow this method and you will get your change.

The Change Problem

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