7 Most Expensive Mistakes Ever Made

4. Losing a lottery ticket

Who doesn’t wants to get fabulously rich just by chance? Well, I know a British couple that doesn’t. In 2010, a British couple picked the winning Euro Million lottery numbers but couldn’t claim the reward. Wonder why? Well, the husband had thrown away the winning ticket which they could’ve cashed in for $181 Million.

3. Letting go of Star Wars rights

Fox had let go the merchandising rights to the franchise of Star Wars to creator George Lucas. They did that because they didn’t believe that it would be a hit and the merchandise would be of any worth. However, it was a pretty bad move in the account of the Fox Studios since it was later estimated that the rights may have earned around $20 billion.

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2. BP Oil Spill

The BP Oil Spill occurred in the April of 2010. The total volume of oil lost due to the incident was approximately 5 million barrels (210 million U.S. gallons). In total, this costs the company $42 billion.

1. The AOL and Time Warner Merger

AOL bought Time Warner in the year 2000 for a recorded amount of $164 Billion, although the valuations put the company at just $100 Billion. However, in 2002, both the companies were devalued because the dot-com crashed losing $99 Billion.

So, these were some expensive mistakes and I’m sure they left you completely mind-boggled.


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