8 Countries That Have Strictest Animal Welfare Laws

4. Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the use of great apes for experimental purpose as well for testing cosmetics is strictly prohibited. In the Animal Welfare Act of Netherlands special provision for the care of animals is featured and experiment on the animal is prohibited.

3. Sweden

Sweden provides legal protection to domestic as well as wild animals. Here slaughtering of animals is done by following the sedation of the animals and animals here live in a better place than humans. The animals are fed with straws and allowed to graze and venture out whenever needed.

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2. Denmark

Even slaughtering of animals is not allowed in Denmark and special provisions are made regarding the farm animals too. Live slaughtering of animals have been stopped recently over there due to religious affairs.

1. Hong Kong

If anyone violates the animal protection law in Hong Kong, a fine worth $200,000 is charged. Special laws regarding the welfare of laboratory animals. food animals, etc are made and any sort of cruelty against any animals is a matter of punishment here.

India also has some laws regarding the welfare of animals but they should put more stress on this sensitive topic and better implementation of such laws should be done soon.


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