What Every Country In the World Is Best At?

Hey Folks! Welcome back to Humor Nation. No matter which country we belong to, it’s our common fantasy to have a world tour at least once in our lifetime. And indeed the world has got many unique features that make it a worth visit.

But before you take your items of baggage; we have brought you the ten known countries and the good facts. Scroll down to know where should you start your country journey from?


Personally, I would book the US tickets on priority to the tour. I mean; why not? we all know apart from being the most dominating economy, the country has got a good scenic view, luxurious ambiance, and a good shopping space.

Apart from these, the nation has the most number of breweries.


The Land Of Maple Leaf is obviously the largest producer of maple syrup. But how many of us know the literacy rate of the nation is its greatest asset?

You read that right the Canadian crowd is much educated than any other nation in the world. Well, that makes the country more progressive too!


This country records the second largest Catholic population in the world.

It also serves the best tequila that is imported by 96 countries. You should definitely visit the nation for a good shot!

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Are you a sticky internet buck? If yes, Australia is the nation for you. It has the fastest LTE/4g speed in the world. The country successfully offers a good lifestyle for the residents.


Do not dare miss France from your list! The country has been the best tourist hub since forever hosting 89 million visitors around the world.


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