10 Famous Celebrities Who Attempted Suicide

Welcome to Humor Nation. People in general believe that money and wealth is the secret to happiness, but you will be surprised to know that some of the most wealthiest and very successful people in this world suffer from depression. And this sadness is severe to the point that these people don’t feel like life is worth it and they even tried committing suicide. Here’s our list of Celebrities Who Attempted Suicide.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Famous Celebrities Who Attempted Suicide!

10. Vanilla Ice

Mr. Ice Ice Baby tried to kill himself with a heroin overdose in 1984 just a few years after his number one hit “Ice Ice Baby.”

9. Halle Berry

Halle Berry attempted suicide after her marriage to David Justice ended. She said that thinking of her mom changed her mind. She was sitting in my car and she knew the gas was coming when she imagined an image of her mother finding me.”

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8. Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson, an actor who played the characters which are full of life on the big screen. But his real life was totally different, the actor battled for years with drug addiction and depression. In 2007, the actor almost died when slitted his wrists and took an overdose. His family wasn’t surprised with the incident as they had known his demons and the off screen battles. The actor still continues to work in the Hollywood.

7. Elton John

The singer tried to kill himself by putting his head into a gas stove but was saved when his lyricist Bernie Taupin walked in and found him. He was suicidal because of the pain of hiding his sexuality. He later wrote the song “Someone Saved My Life Tonight” about the event.

6. Drew Carey

Drew suffered from depression at a very young age. He even tried committing suicide when he was in the high school. But fortunately he received help which changed his outlook on life and his perception about the things. All this experience helped him in making a successful career in comedy and he later became the host of the show “The Price Is Right”.

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