5 Things That Dharmendra Aka Dharam Paaji Doesn’t Want You To Know

3. Gave no attention to his first wife after marrying Hema!

When Dharmendra successfully impressed Hema Malini, he stopped seeing his first wife for a very long time. He was all into Hema Malini that he almost forgot that he also needs to take care of his first wife and his four kids with her, but things were changing and he wasn’t able to cope up his two lives with his wives.

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4. Did he convert to Islam?

When Dharmendra’s first wife refused to give him a divorce, he decided to convert into Islam as under Hindu Marriage Act he can have only one wife and he was dying to marry Hema Malini. So with both their consent Hema and Dharmendra converted themselves into Muslim and changed their names to Dilawar Khan Kewal Krishn and Aisha Bi R. Chakravarty. Even though Dharmendra denied ever converting to Islam.


5. Dharmendra’s kids are not at good term.

When Dharmendra decided to marry Hema Malini, both Bobby Deol and Sunny Deol opposed their marriage but the lovebirds didn’t listen to them and did what they want to. Since then both Bobby and Sunny stopped seeing Hema Malini as they thought she was the reason why their mother is so lonely. Even Sunny and Bobby do not meet Esha and Ahana and hates his stepmother and sisters.


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