Dark Harry Potter Secrets That You May Not Know

Hello Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. Harry Potter fandom has always been alive amongst all its fans, it was actually made for the kids but with passing years some things went dark with Harry Porter. We’re not talking about the story but the actors.

So let’s know about some dark secrets of Harry Porter that you may not know!

1. The actor playing Crabbe was fired

Dark Harry Potter Secrets That You May Not Know

Maybe the diehard fans of Harry porter noticed the character of Crabbe was replaced with Blaise Zabini in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. He got replaced due to his arrest in the year 2009 for growing illegal substance and again arrested in the year 2011 for stealing from a supermarket during London riots.

2. Helena Bonham Carter injured Matthew Lewis

Helena always indulges herself in her roles very perfectly, but she took her role a little far when she accidentally perforated Matthew’s eardrum. She actually thought she could clean his ear with the wand but it went wrong and rest you know. It was very kind of Lewis that he didn’t say anything until his ear started hurting really bad after some days.

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3. Alan Rickman and Jason tried to steal props from the set

Jason once said that Alan was expert in stealing props and items from the set and on the first day of shoot Alan stole a ton of coins from none other than the Goblin bank without anyone getting an idea of it. Even Jason once took the copy of the Daily Prophet and when he was asked to return it he felt embarrassed because it was not much of his use.

4. Green eyed Harry and buck toothed Hermione

Warner Bros was highly criticized for not making the characters as accurate as mentioned in the books. You might not be aware that Warner Bros tried to give Harry green colored eyes and buck-teeth to Hermione earlier, but however, they changed their minds.


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