When Famous Indian Brands Taglines Meet Adult Entertainment

Hello Guys! Welcome to Humor Nation. Time and time again when you open up your TV screen, you’d see the promotions of famous mainstream brands. These Indian brands have such an attractive logo design, these brands taglines are super-catchy which captivates the attention of the watchers. Their promotions are very effective, to the degree that they almost convince you to purchase their product or service.

Obviously there’s a great deal of effort and hard work is required behind this brilliant promotion and advertisement of a product. The creatives working behind the scenes have to come up with some really funny, witty, effective slogans or taglines to sell the product. And we all know that while advertising a product, you only highlight and promote the goody-good, rich qualities of the product, you hide all its weaknesses and flaws.

So Let’s Take A Look At What Would Happen If Famous Indian Brands Taglines Meet Adult Entertainment!

1. Rachel is quite adventurous and she came to the right person. Toofan ka dusra naam Johnny Sins! Rachel would love to taste some ‘thunder’.

2. Bas Bajaate Raho!

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3. Seriously why should boys have all the fun? Madison and August are enjoying the ‘pleasure’ of their friendship.

4. That’s a complete man! 

5. Yeh Fevicol Ka Jod Hai!

6. Truly the best a man can get.

7. Long Lasting Power!

When Famous Indian Brands Taglines Meet Adult Entertainment

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8. Daag Achche Hai!

9. Clear hai.

So guys, what do you think about this combination of famous Indian brands taglines along with adult entertainment? In case we missed any famous tagline or slogan on our list then let us know in the comments section and we will update the article. And feel free to share your views and opinions with us. If you enjoyed the article then do share it with your friends. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page.


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