The Truth Behind The Sudden Growth Of Hansika Motwani

Welcome to Humor Nation. You guys surely remember this cute girl from the hit Indian fantasy TV show Shaka Laka Boom Boom and the Indian fantasy film ‘Koi..Mil Gaya’. As a child artist, Hansika Motwani became a popular face all across the nation. She made her film debut at the young age of 16 in a Telugu film called Desamuduru opposite to Allu Arjun.

The Truth Behind The Sudden Growth Of Hansika Motwani

So Let’s Take A Look At The Truth Behind The Sudden Growth Of Hansika Motwani!

But everyone was shocked and surprised when they saw her in the 2008 released ‘Aap Kaa Suroor’ alongside the music composer, singer, actor Himesh Reshammiya. This young actress made her Bollywood debut alongside Himesh in the film. But the question that was on everyone’s mind was how could she have grown up into an adult that quickly? Let me tell you Hansika was only 16 years old when she did ‘Aap Kaa Suroor’.


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She worked opposite to a person who was 18 years older than her. But how could her looks changed so drastically in a short amount of time? As the movie was released, the media too noticed the difference in her appearance, a media report said that it’s the Hormone injections which caused her sudden growth. It was said that Hansika allegedly used such injections to boost up her growth. But who knows the truth? There’s no evidence to support this theory.

Her mother Mona Motwani is a skin specialist. But neither Hansika nor her mother ever commented on this subject. There was even a leaked MMS in which allegedly belonged to Hansika. The video went viral at that time and the actress faced some harsh criticism.

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But today Hansika is one of the leading actresses in the south. At a very young age, she has made a great name for herself through her strong performances. Her fans love her so much that a temple is built for her in Madurai.

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