5 Jobs That Artificial Intelligence Can’t Take Away From Us

Welcome to Humor Nation. Ever imagined how life would be if robots took over humanity? Well, honestly, we won’t even be alive enough to see it so let’s talk about areas where artificial intelligence cannot beat us humans!

Here are five jobs that artificial intelligence will have a hard time doing!

5. Authors

5 Jobs That Artificial Intelligence Can't Take Away From Us

I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t be interested in reading a book about batteries and spare body parts. Writing is something that comes from the soul and reaches out to one’s soul. Well, doesn’t souls and robots go hand in hand?

If given a deeper thought, A.I can figure out patterns in language to make out their own stories because for what it matters, writing is just rearranging words that already exist. For instance, an artificial intelligence software was created to write George R.R Martin’s book, The Winds Of Winter, by an eager fan and this is what it tasted like-

“This dragon does not say we had four of a band, or no men or rats and two singers, the great pack of men and the winged trees.”

Well, my mind might explode with all the sense that quote is making!

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4. Psychologist

I bet robots are good with feelings, sympathy and empathy to be precise. They aren’t, are they? For a fact I know that Siri and Alexa can’t even get our search results right. I surely don’t expect them to tell me how my traumatic childhood memories effected me.

Artificial Intelligence can be proven truly terrible when it comes to understanding human emotions which means that they cannot connect to humans and match the level of conversation which is needed in a therapy.

But it surely would be an amusing sight to have a human get therapy from programmed robots.

3. Art Teachers

Art is something that comes from the very core of human existence. There was art in history, there is art in the present and there will be art in the future. Well, we can just hope for the latter.

Robots have artistic abilities that of a 4 year old. Now, artificial intelligence may draw out programs for the betterment of art in the hands of machines but I wouldn’t be interested in comparing a photograph of corn to a Jackson Pollock painting.

May god bless the heartfelt art that would come from heartless machines!

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2. Pro Athletes 

Yes, there is a counter argument for this part since 2018 Olympics featured world’s first Skiing Robot Competition. But there were behind the scenes as well. However the owners had to chase down their robots as they fell over down a small hill and crashed through flags.

Tumbling robots does sound hilarious but they aren’t a threat to Mikaela Shiffrin’s career just yet.

Considering the huge cost which is undertaken in making a robots, it is safe to say that in the future, robots would leave the broken bones and sports injuries to the humans.

1. Clergy

Robots function on programs, wires and metal bodies and have absolutely no concept of faith. Backed up by a study conducted by The Future of Employment, there is less than one percent chance of clergymen losing there jobs to robots.

Well what can you say? Maybe there is a God after all.


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