10 Most Powerful Presidents In The World

6. Theresa May

She is British Prime Minister and though nowadays May is losing her grip due to poor negotiations but still she has a powerful role in politics in United Kingdom.

7. Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron is President of France and  plays a key role in the EU and is also a powerful leader in many ways, he fought to preserve Iran’s deal and also challenged US president also.

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8. Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel is always in state of conflict but still Benjamin comes out of such odds and is determined for Israel’s people and their condition and is trying to resolve every issue.

9. King Salman Of Saudi Arabia

King Salman has a key role in OPEC and has great power over Middle East part. He tries to bring peace in nations.

10. Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un is leader of North Korea and he may not seem much powerful, but he always draws attention towards himself due to his unpredictable behaviors but he honestly is a powerful leader too.


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