My Love From The Star 2017 Airs On GMA! Things You Should Know About The Show

GMA brings to the fans the popular adaptation of the hit Korean show “My Love From The Star” to the audience all across the globe. The show will air on 29 May 2017 in Middle East, Europe, Africa, North American and it will be available on May 30 in the Asia-Pacific region. GMA is very proud to bring the local version of the critically acclaimed Korean drama series.

my love for the star

The Kapuso Network known for entertaining its pinoy viewers, proved yet again why it cares for the viewers, gives them what they want. The network brings the local adaptation, remake version of abot-langit kilig and mala-aso’t pusa and the ultimate fan favorite story  of Matteo and Steffi to the audience.

my love from the star

The very talented Star Jennylyn Mercado brings the character ofz Steffi Chavez. A very beautiful, attractive, talented, and sometimes over confident actress who could be very careless at times. While the Kapuso’s youth sensation, new young star Gil Cuerva breathes life into the character of Matteo Domingo who is a very a highly intelligent, smart, not so friendly and cold extra-terrestrial, alien being who is stuck on Earth.

This most anticipated Philippine TV adaptation will air on May 29 on GMA-7 at 8:30 p.m which is just after the show “Mulawin vs Ravina.”

So let’s take a look at 5 things that you should know about My Love From The Star 2017 Airs On GMA!

1. “My Love From The Star” the Korean hit first aired in Feb 2014 on the Philippine TV screen. This Korean drama was very well received and was a hit all across the Asia. This fantasy drama tells the romantic tale of an aloof alien who landed on Earth, forced to spend his days on Earth disguised as a college professor.

2. The actual story begins 400 years ago when Matteo’s spacecraft crashed on Earth. Since crashing on Earth, Matteo has lived in many different forms, lived many different lives of different human beings. He patiently waits for his people to come to Earth to take him back. He keeps counting his days, waiting for his people to arrive on earth. When only 300 days are left, he meets Steffi.

3. Steffi is used to take people for granted, throwing tantrums, knowing she’s a popular face so everyone would naturally fall down at her feet. But Matteo doesn’t know who she is, this completely surprised Steffi. Initially they just can’t get along, they fight, but they ultimately discover that they had feelings for each other. But can a human and alien, two different worlds come together?

4. The other actors of the cast includes Gabby Eigenmann who plays the character of Jackson Libredo, Glydel Mercado as Lynelle Chavez, Renz Fernandez as Peter Yuzon, Migo Adecer as Yuan Chavez, Melissa Mendez as Doris Yuzon, SpankyManikan as Mr. Jang, Nar Cabico as Jun, Analyn Barro as Mina, Pauline Mendoza as Marcella.

5. What is more interesting is that South Korean actor Kim Soo Hyun who plays the character of Do Min Joon in the original drama arrived in Manila on May 24. The star will be present as a guest in the launch of the a major tech brand product. Isn’t it great that Matteo Do is here to witness the premier of the remake hit series!


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