The Price We Pay For Love Is Grief And Damaged Emotions, But It’s Worth It

The person you love and the person who loves you back are never  the same person. It’s just we fall in love with the idea of a person. Not the person himself.

I guess it’s only through love we come to realize that we are not bad at all. Love is mean and beautiful at the same time. Sometimes it scares people. When we find someone who cares for us or at least pretends to do so, someone who can live up with our flaws. It totally changes our outlook towards life. It gives us a meaning, it makes even the small things appear to be interesting. And when something good like that ends…our whole world, our dreams come crashing down, it hurts inside. But that’s the price we have to pay in search of a true love, to find someone who can fill this empty void..we have to let ourselves be completely open, to put all our feelings and thoughts right in front of that person. Either he’ll respect and love back…or it will mean nothing to him.

True love emotional damage

And when you trust someone, and that person betrays your trust, you’re left broken with your damaged emotions. You can’t stand it, you fear that it will happen again, you don’t share yourself with others, you begin to protect yourself, you grow paranoid.

You know what makes human different from other species? It’s our adaptability. It is our will to survive. It’s amazing how much amount of pain and suffering we can withstand whether physically or emotionally, and still keep moving forward. In that sense, we all are warriors. We all are fighting our own battles everyday.

It’s amazing how one event, one moment can change our lives forever. Moments which change everything, moments when you realize that nothing will ever be the same again. And now you have two versions of your life, one before it, and one after it. We mostly are trapped in the former. Always thinking what you could have done, what you should have done. It’s always the same story you keep telling yourself.

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But you know, nothing lasts forever whether it’s good times or bad ones, ultimately everything ends. You have to accept it and move on. I know it’s very easier said than done. But that’s the only way. Every time you open your heart to someone, you risk being hurt, being broken. Opening your heart to someone means you’re exposing the precious intimate part of yourself, you become vulnerable when you do it. Maybe that person will break your heart, maybe the person will never look at you in the same way. But those are the risks that you have to take.

Pain is never permanent, but it’s definitely horrible, unbearable at times. Having a broken bone can be really agonizing, but having a broken heart is far more worse. But I can definitely tell you this, your pain makes you stronger. What you have become today is a result of all your experiences, risks, pain and suffering that you’ve encountered in your life. The risk of opening your heart to someone can be pretty big, but it will only make you richer.

Just stop and think this for a moment!  You could have never known love if it weren’t for the pain that you experienced after opening your heart. Without the risk of opening your heart, you will never experience the feeling of love. You will never experience emotional pain if you had never loved or cared for someone. You should never stop loving and caring, always open your heart even if it means the unbearable pain that you have to experience, so be it. Because the reward is worth it.

A Note For The Day!

It’s easy to understand and know oneself, but to truly express oneself without lying, now that’s very hard. Always express yourself. Be yourself.



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