Tanushree Dutta Has Accused Nana Patekar Of Harassing Her! Find Out The Truth

Welcome to Humor Nation. The top Bollywood stars are numb, totally silent over Tanushree Dutta’s charges over their fellow actor Nana Patekar. Actress Tanushree Dutta accused Nana Patekar of sexually harassing her during the film shooting back in 2008. The Bollywood has maintained a stone cold silence over this issue. Tanushree Dutt has alleged Nana Patekar of harassing her.

So Let’s Take A Look At The Story Behind Tanushree Dutta Accusing Nana Patekar Of Harassing Her! Find Out The Truth. 

Tanushree Accuses Nana!

In the year 2009, there was a movie ‘Horn OK please.’ This whole episode is of the same movie time. Tanushree says that during a song shoot, he started doing acts from the first day on the set. Holding hands and started pulling around. After that choreographer said that you guys leave it, I’ll teach how to dance. According to Tanushree, he complained to producer Sami Siddiqui and director Rakesh Sarang that Nana harassed her. But he did not listen to me. In the meantime, Nana Patekar demanded to do intimate scenes in that solo song. According to Tanushree, the producers accused her of locking herself in a vanity van.

Tanushree Dutta Has Accused Nana Patekar Of Harassing Her! Find Out The Truth

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After that Nana Patekar called the people of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena. Producers called the media. They felt that this problem should not be solved, but it should be used to gather some publicity. A crowd of people of MNS came and broke the car of Tanushree according to her. She was inside the car. During this time the producers went to the studio gate and told the guards to shut the door, so she could not go out. After that, she did not know how the Police came to rescue. The police came and firing, then the door opened. If the police were too late, then she didn’t know what would have happened, she said.

At that time Nana Patekar held a press conference back in 2009, 

I had an act with her on the stage and I don’t know what misconduct I did there. At least 1000 people were there. I feel bad that I have to even make this clarification. I’ve been part of the industry for over 35 years now. Nobody has said such a thing about me. 

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This Is Not The First Time!

This is not the first time when Tanushree Dutta has spoken about Nana Patekar. She has been speaking at some intervals for ten years continuously. On Zoom TV’s YouTube channel, you can see her ten-year-old statement. And from then about in every 5-6 months, she gives some statement.

Tanushree says that no one has supported me during that time. Neither the media nor the film industry people nor any other people of the industry. Some would call her and say that what happened was very wrong, but nobody dared come and say it. Tanushree Dutta was fired from that film. Tanushree Dutta’s career continued to go down after that incident. In 2010, her last movie ‘Apartment’ was released.

She’s Like My Daughter Said Nana Patekar

When Tanushree Dutta had accused Nana Patekar of harassment for the first time, Nana’s clarification also came shortly. He had said that Tanushree is of the age of his daughter. He did not do anything wrong with Tanushree. He does not know why she is saying this. Choreographer Ganesh Acharya said that he would never want to work with Tanushree Dutta because he has no faith in her. Anything can happen with her. Rakesh Sarang said that forget about working with Tanushree Dutta, she would not even want to see her film.

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