Things You Should Never Say To A Crazy Shin Chan Cartoon Fan!

Shin Chan cartoon series has gained a lot of popularity across the globe it has crossed every possible limit of fan following. Shin Chan Nohara is an amazing kid who lives his life to the fullest, he is a naughty and mischievous kid who has a magic in his voice, Shin Chan lives his life to the fullest and he brings an amazing humor with his crazy adventures. He is an entertaining character who creates trouble in everything he does. He always has witty answers to every question that is asked by his mom. We all love him and all his naughty and witty behavior and he’s been the part of our life from our childhood. No matter how old we become, we can’t get Shin Chan out of our lives.

There are lots of people who make fun of us for being a crazy fan of a cartoon and they tell us all the crappy reasons for not watching cartoons.

Let’s Take A Look At The Things That You Should Never Say To A Crazy Shin Chan Fan

1. Shin Chan Cartoon Is For Kids.

People often give you this reason for being a cartoon fan and they try to act like a mature person and advice you to grow up. We can always find these senior citizens around us.

2. Watching Shin Chan Will Decrease You IQ

We can also find these Einsteins around us who care a lot for our IQ and these people are often caught calculating simple mathematics on calculators.

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3. What Will Society Think About You?

People also try to tell you that watching cartoons will hamper your image in the society and the irony is that they hold a cigarette in their hand while lecturing you about the image in the society.

4. You are Living In An Imaginary World

Shin Chan

People often advise you that by watching cartoons, you are living in an imaginary world. This is another crappy because we have been watching many TV shows from our childhood and none of them had any impact on our minds.

People need to understand that everybody has their own choice and watching cartoons like Shin Chan will not make them any different human being. We all like to watch shows with good humor and there is nothing wrong in it. So people should stop behaving like senior citizens.