10 Weirdest Things About Dean Winchester’s Body

Welcome to Humor Nation. Supernatural is running its fourteenth season. And with this new season, the things will surely take a turn and get even unfamiliar. Dean Winchester has been possessed by the Archangel Michael, but this Michael is not the goody-goody one, this is the Alternate Universe version of Michael. The fact that Dean Winchester has been made to wear the jolly newsboy cap alone is enough to make the Dean fight and get free from the possession.

But let’s be honest, I am sure all the fans will agree with me on this, getting possessed by an archangel isn’t the weirdest thing that has happened to Dean. Over the course of 13 seasons, Dean Winchester has gone through a lot, from bizarre transformations to being abducted by the fairies and the time he spent in hell. He has fought the most dangerous and powerful beings and in the course of 13 years, the hunter has died several times and also been strangely resurrected.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Weirdest Things About Dean Winchester’s Body!

10. It Took Dean 13 Seasons To Get Possessed

10 Weirdest Things About Dean Winchester’s Body

We’ve seen Sam Winchester getting possessed by the demon Meg, Lucifer, Angel Gadreel, and even that teenager from the body swap episode. But however, this is the first time that Dean has been possessed, the Alternate Universe Michael possessed him with a promise to stop Lucifer.

9. Dean Winchester Has Been Played By 7 Different Actors!

Dean Winchester

We have seen Chad Everett played the character of Old Dean, Dylan Everett who played the 14-year-old Dean, and then we have Jensen Ackles playing Dean. But do you know that there are 4 other actors who played this character! The other four being the Hunter Brochu who played the toddler Dean in the “Pilot”; actor Ridge Canipe, who portrayed the child Dean’s character in the episodes “Something Wicked” and “A Very Supernatural Christmas”; and then the actor Nicolai Lawton-Giustra who played the pre-teen Dean in “Death’s Door”; Brock Kelly as older teen Dean in the Supernatural episode “After School Special”.

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8. Dean Winchester Has Absorbed Souls In His Body

To defeat God’s sister Amara AKA The Darkness, Dean Winchester became a walking bomb. He went under a ritual performed by Rowena which allowed him to absorb 200,000 souls into himself.

7. The Bearer Of The Mark Of Cain

Dean takes up the mark of Cain from Cain which allows him to wield the First Blade, a dangerous weapon which could kill the knight of Hell, Abaddon. By bearing the mark, Dean becomes more aggressive, dangerous, and even starts killing people under the influence of the mark.

6. He Became A Demon

After being fatally wounded by Metatron in their fight, Dean dies. Crowley comes to him, puts the first blade in Dean’s hand, and Dean awakes as a demon.

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