Supernatural: What Happens to Demons When They Are Killed or Die?

Supernatural: What Happens to Demons When They Are Killed or Die?

Hey guys! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Supernatural is the only show I watch anymore alongside ‘Stranger Things’ and once upon a time it has everything; the story, the villains,and most importantly the plot twists. Today we will be talking about the demons in Supernatural.

So in Supernatural, what happens to demons when they die?

So supernatural demons are creepy and spoilers for those of you who haven’t yet seen season because Crowley dies and so does Rowena and so does Castiel. Demons are just corrupted human souls meaning that they are enduring and they cannot be eliminated completely. Even in the empty, the place outside of the universe, souls still exist, they just can’t escape or really do anything. So unlike angels demons cannot die not entirely and luckily I have a few explanations as to where they may go.

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So the first explanation I have is that they do in fact travel into the empty. They cannot escape from there but they still exist. I feel like the same thing applies to a human soul if you’re in heaven and your soul is somehow killed. My guess is that you’re decimated soul has nowhere to go so it fizzles into the void out of reality. This is a very fitting fate for demons and makes complete sense. Although this is just a guess and I don’t really have any real evidence, I’m just listing off possibilities.

But it also begs the question as to how burning bones can kill demons? If a ghost is trapped on earth and you burn the thing tethering them, then they go to heaven or to hell. But if a ghost has already moved on and has become a demon and you burn them again like Bobby did one of Crowley’s servants. Is the demon sent back to Hell or killed completely? We don’t know.

But another possibility which kind of fits along the lines of my other theory is that they get a second chance. We know demons don’t go to purgatory, but that doesn’t mean they still don’t get a second chance. Supernatural has brought us everything, they’ve explained off the veil, heaven and hell, and even dealt with resurrection. All forms of death and revival have been covered except for rebirth, reincarnation.

Coming back from the dead as something else most likely in the form of a new human! So could this be what happens to demons who decease! Again this is just one of my ideas on the concept, but it’s really interesting, kind of makes sense. But the one thing I am sure of is that they do not go to Purgatory. Purgatory as you’ll know from my other theory is reserved for monster souls only and humans are not allowed in and since demons are just twisted humans, they cannot go there.

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The final answer I see fitting which I assumed through the duration as I finished the show was that they return to being their normal spirits. The demonizing work is undone and they return to being actual human souls. I think many people have accepted this as canon, but until things are revealed we may never know exactly what happens to dead demons. So will we get to see what Crowley actually used to look like before his demonization – Fergus MacLeod.

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Return of Rowena

Let’s hope so as far as season goes we still don’t know too much. Crowley’s actor has said that he will not be returning, but Ruth Connell has remained silent mostly. Probably because she isn’t a series regular, now her silence could imply that she isn’t returning or it could be because they don’t want to spoil her possible return. Don’t get me wrong I’m almost certain that Rowena is dead, but in the supernatural universe what happens when you die; you either stay as a ghost, go to heaven or go to hell.

If you are neutrally aligned or heroic or kind and helpful and all around good spirited, you go to heaven. But if you are extremely evil or cruel your entire life, or you sold your soul to cross road demons then you go to hell. This was all stated by the Reapers many times and so Rowena is evil and nasty.

Hell is almost certain her destination, once admitted to hell, you are tortured into a demon. Rowena is the kind of person to not let that opportunity go to waste. Even though she does have an extreme disliking to demons, but I’m sure she’d rather not be endlessly tortured, and would much prefer to take any power she can get her hands on as soon as possible. So this begs the question will Rowena return as a demon and even if Ruth doesn’t return as an actress that doesn’t mean that Rowena won’t return as a character. As a demon she would possess other characters. Meaning YES a new actor and knowing Rowena this would be supremely awesome and also hilarious.

Return Of John Winchester

Very recently they said that John Winchester is coming back. I always felt like they closed the series with all of the family living in the house together. Reunited or perhaps all dead, but in a shared heaven reliving the memories that were never created. I’m still betting on this being the case whenever it may be, but we know his actor is coming back for season so maybe the series finale is closer than we think.

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