Why Should I Write? Because Every Story Is Special

The world around us, the lives around us, it is all made up of many stories, infinite stories that are starting and ending every moment. These are the stories that define us, they make us who we are. There are many such extraordinary stories of great people that continues to inspire us. How some people were told that their dreams are irrational, they can’t never ever realize their dreams. Who says dreams don’t come true? Dreams do come true if you really want them to, if you really put your heart into something, give that something your everything, then you can achieve anything. Every big dream starts with a simple idea, an idea which is dreamed by some passionate people who see things differently.

These people are always told by the world that their idea is impossible, but they are crazy enough to try it. Such people follow their instincts, they work day and night on their idea, they give their idea every minute, every drop of sweat, and every ounce of energy they have. Their path is never easy, it is always filled with obstacles at every step, doubters at every decision, mistakes which they learn from, but with their hard work and perseverance they always manage to transform their idea into a reality.

Every great story needs a great storyteller.


Every great story needs to be told or how else a story will achieve its greatness? We need someone to tell us how the brave prince saved the princess from the evil curse of the villain. We need someone to tell us the adventures of Alice in the Wonderland.

Every life is a story.

This is your chance to explore and discover yourself. After all we’re all stories in the end, we have to make sure that our story is a good one. So first of all we have to identify our story, identify ourselves. Once you have identified your story then change it, rewrite it, if you’re not happy with it. Throw away your past in the trash can and write a new promising future.

Don’t waste your talent, showcase it.

Writing is an activity through which you can showcase your talent. Writing on Humor Nation promotes and nourishes the potential present inside you. You can share your work on this platform of Humor Nation with others, you don’t have to worry about getting views and subscribers for your work. All you have to do is improve your skills in your art and soon you’ll shine. Do you have the guts to follow your gut?

Inspire others or get inspired.

Sometimes we all need a little inspiration to keep going. Sometimes it helps to know that we’re not alone, that some people have already walked in our shoes. They have been through what we’re experiencing right now. If they can do it then so can we! All we need is someone telling us it’s possible, it can be accomplished. Hearing words that can give us chills, uplift our spirit, wake up and energize our brain.

Enjoy writing? Then Humor Nation is home for you.

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Bored of feeling bored?

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