WWE Salaries 2017: Check Out How Much Your Favorite Star Earns!

WWE Salaries 2017: Check Out How Much Your Favorite Star Earns!

Salaries of the WWE Superstars fluctuate from low six-figures to millions upon millions every year. WWE enlisted their most astounding annual income for the financial year of 2015, which was over $650m. Take a look at how much your favorite Superstars makes.

So Let’s Take A Look At The Salaries Of WWE Superstars In 2017! Check Out How Much Your Favorite Superstar Earns!

10. Dean also receives a share of his merchandise sales.

WWE Salaries 2017: Check Out How Much Your Favorite Star Earns!

9. Add the bonus of travel and accommodation expenses.

8. This also includes a bonus of accommodation, travel expenses. It also includes a tour bus.

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7. He is the greatest, a legend, and a future hall of famer. Undertaker receives a bonus of the merchandise sales, PPV sales, travel and accommodation.

6. Roman Reigns has now become the face of the WWE, the next big guy to carry the company. He also receives the bonus expenses of  travel and accommodation, and merchandise sales.

5. Seth receives additional bonus covering his accommodation and travel expenses, and a share of the merchandise sales. 

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4. Plus a bonus of PPV and merchandise sales, and the expenses for accommodation and travel.

3. Apart from the salary, Triple H can also use a private jet as a bonus. Receives a bonus of the merchandise and PPV sales, and also the accommodation.

2. He pockets the most among the WWE superstars who are part-timers. He receives a bonus of the merchandise and PPV sales, a private jet to use, and accommodation.

1. Although John receives an annual salary of $5 million, but if we consider the bonus of merchandise and PPV sales, his travel, accommodation expenses and a private jet, he earns over $9 million.

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