10 Accidental Discoveries That Changed The World Forever

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. There have been certain discoveries in the field of science that have proved to be very useful to everyone. But did you know that some of the great discoveries happened by accident and scientists used that in a very good way? So here are we with a list of some great discoveries that happened by chance, so let’s start and discuss it more.

So here are the top 10 discoveries that changed the world forever!

10. Microwave

10 Accidental Discoveries That Changed The World Forever

While scientist Percy Spencer was busy testing a vacuum tube, he discovered that a chocolate melted into his pocket very quickly. After then he started to aim the tube at items like eggs or popcorn and from that he concluded the fact that heat experienced by the objects was actually from the microwave energy and then he filed for the patent rights of the first microwave.

9. X-Rays

In 1895 Wilhelm Roentgen was busy working with cathode ray tube, after that he noticed that fluorescent screen would glow when the tube was on and while the room was left dark. Those rays would actually illuminate the screen. While he was trying to block those rays he noticed that he could see his bones in the image that got projected on the screen.

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8. Penicilin

When Alexander Fleming was doing an experiment with a bacteria, he left it on the lab sink and went away. When he came back he realized that the bacteria had grown everywhere on the lab sink but it didn’t grow on an area where mold had been formed. This led to the discovery of penicilin.

7. Anesthesia

An inventor named Horace Wells was very well aware that nitrous oxide was used in parties by people which made them howl and laugh a lot. But when his friend gashed his legs with that he realized that he couldn’t feel anything on his leg and then nitrous oxide became a form of anesthesia.

6. Viagra

The scientist named Pfizer was testing a pill to fight angina in the year 1992 and it proved to be a bit of a success. Though it didn’t work that much the men refused to give away their medicine for a different purpose and then it became a medicine for Viagra.

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