10 Actors Who Appeared In Supernatural Before They Were Famous


10 Actors Who Appeared In Supernatural Before They Were Famous

Dylan Minnette is best known for his performance of Clay Jensen in 13 Reasons Why. His performance has earned him numerous accolades. The actor has also made guest appearances and cameos in numerous popular shows such as Lost, Prison Break, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, Grey’s Anatomy, and Supernatural. Dylan appeared in Season 4 Episode ‘Family Remains’ as Danny Carter. Sam and Dean Winchester rescue a family who is plagued by the spirits of two feral children. This episode is quite surprising as the actual ghosts turn out to be two children.


10 Actors Who Appeared In Supernatural Before They Were Famous

Katie Cassidy has earned the title of the Screen Queen for her performances in the movies such as ‘Black Christmas’, ‘When A Stranger Calls’, ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’. The actress bagged the role of the demon Ruby in Season 3 of the Supernatural. Ruby helped the Winchesters in dealing with other demons while also warning them about Lilith. In the finale episode, Lilith would possess the vessel of Ruby. The character was well appreciated, but Katie felt the studio had no idea what to do with the character which prompted her exit. She was replaced by Genevieve in the next season. This turned out be a blessing in disguise as the actress would land up the role of Black Canady AKA Laurel Lance in the CW Arrow. She would reprise the same in Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash, both of which are set in the Arrowverse. After her character of Black Canary died in Season 4, Katie started playing the role of Black Siren AKA Laurel Lance in Arrowverse who is the villainous version of Black Canary from an alternate universe.

5. Adrianne Palicki


Adrianne Palicki’s role of Jessica Moore might not have lasted for long, but her role was pretty significant. She played the doomed lover of Sam Winchester who ends up dying at the hands of a demon in the pilot episode. Her character would make several other appearances in the later seasons. She would reappear in Season 5 when Lucifer takes her form to mentally toy with Sam Winchester who was reluctant to be the vessel of the devil. Her biggest break came when she starred as Mockingbird AKA Barbara Morse in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. She has also appeared in significant roles in some hit movies such as Legion, John Wick, and GI Joe Retaliation.


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