10 Actresses Who Hate Each Other In Real Life

Welcome to Humor Nation. Hey Readers! It’s a widely accepted fact that two women especially actresses can never be good friends. We have true witnesses for the purpose since ages. Swara Bhaskar recently shared her views on the issue after ‘Veere Di Wedding’ shoot. There are certain substantial reasons via which abrupt factors sneak in and reciprocate fights.

Here are some popular actresses who can’t put together for any cause, sharing the screen is a distant dream.

1. Kangana And Deepika

The top actresses having a rival is no big deal. Yes of course! jealousy would happily be the sole reason for their cold war.

10 Actresses Who Hate Each Other In Real Life

2. Priyanka And Kangana

The beauties showed up in ‘Fashion’ during their not so popular days.Their acting skills were religiously compared by the critics and that lead to a cold rivalry.

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3. Jaya Bachchan And Rekha

Who is unknown to this grand love war? Though the scandal is a matter of past but successfully holds its imprints in the lives of all three involved actors.

4. Priyanka And Kareena

Shahid Kapoor was the reason these girls can’t bear each other’s presence. Though they have their different love lives now, but facing each other is still a trouble to them.

5. Anushka And Deepika

Here comes the Kashi and Mastani fight for real. Deepika hates Anushka after what she did to Ranveer.


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