10 Adult Stars Who Are Actually Indians!

Hello Guys! Welcome back to Humor Nation. From this post it will become crystal clear that it’s not only the Indians who are in love and obsessed with the Indian beauties, but it’s the entire world that has been mesmerized by their charisma and charm. If you don’t believe me then take a look at these ten popular Indian adult entertainment stars.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Adult Stars Who Are Actually Indians!

1. Priya Rai

10 Adult Stars Who Are Actually Indians!

Priya Anjali is one of the most successful among a few Indian adult entertainment stars. She was born in the capital of India, New Delhi and adopted by an American couple. She was only two years old when she moved from New Delhi to America. Priya joined the adult entertainment industry in 2013 at the age of 29, and She announced her retirement from the adult industry to focus on her career and personal life.

2. Anjali Kara

Anjali Kara was also born in New Delhi and now she lives in England.  She started her career in adult entertainment industry in the year 2003 and then suddenly she became the “MOST HOTTIE SCREEN PERFORMER” of the year. Kara worked till 2007 and now seems to be working mainly as a director.

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3. Leah Jaye

Leah Jaye is also known as Leah Joshi. She was born in England itself and started her career in the adult entertainment industry when she was around 21 years old.


4. Jayde Jewel

Jayde Jewel was born in Hyderabad and spent eight years of her life there before moving to England. She also started her career at around 21 years of age. Jayde started one of the first adult entertainment website in India which was ‘HOT INDIAN BABY’.

5. Destiny Deville

Destiny Deville is considered as one of the best Indian adult stars. She changed her name from Sabina to Destiny Deville before entering the adult industry in England. Destiny started her adult career at around 19 years of age.

6. Rakhee

Rakhee is a 23-year old NRI girl living in USA. She has her own adult entertainment website named ‘The World Of Rakhee’.

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7. Sahara Knite

Sahara Knite is also a successful British-Muslim adult entertainment star of Indian origin. Her real name is Saeeda Vorajee and she was born in England. Her parents are originally from Gujarat. She also played the role of prostitute in the popular TV series Game of Thrones

8. Ariana Mistry

Ariana Mistry is another British-Indian adult star. She was introduced to the adult entertainment industry by another Indian star Anjali Kara.

9. Gaya Patel

Gaya Patel is an Indian born adult star and she now lives in Canada. Her real name is Sheram Gayatri Pancham and she has been in the adult film industry from 2007.

10. Nadiya Nyce

Nadya nice is an American-Indian origin adult star and she is considered as the first ever Indian adult entertainment star. She is also known from England and she was just 22-years old when she started her adult career.

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