10 Alfred Hitchcock Movies That You Must Watch!

He was the Master of Suspense. Welcome to Humor Nation and today we’re tallying down our picks for the 10 best Alfred Hitchcock films. For this countdown, we’ll looking at some of the most iconic and memorable films from one of silver screen’s most influential and revolutionary directors. In spite of the fact that he made more than 50 movies over the span of his lifetime, these are the ones that characterized and defined a genre and have inspired many new filmmakers.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Alfred Hitchcock Movies That You Must Watch!

10. Dial M for Murder (1954)

Alfred Hitchcock best movies list

This film follows the story of a former tennis master as he plots to have his rich, double-crossing spouse killed. Yet, his arrangement hits an obstacle when the wife kills the professional killer, making this anything besides an anticipated whodunit. Featuring Alfred Hitchcock leading woman Grace Kelly as the deceiving spouse and Ray Milland as the abandoned husband, the film’s status as a popular culture staple and Hitchcock standard was established by various revamps and reinterpretations.

9. The 39 Steps (1935)

When running into a secret spy who ends up dead at the end of the night. Richard Hannay takes off on a cross country chase to prove himself innocent and to stop a covert agents ring known as the “39 Steps” from taking military secrets from the British government. With visual components that he refined and reused in his later movies, and additionally his typical image of cold-as-ice heroine, this has Hitchcock’s fingerprints on top of it.

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8. Notorious (1946)

The film tells the story of a woman who is in fact the daughter of a Nazi spy, She gets selected to snoop for the U.S., however she develops passionate feelings and falls in love with her recruiter. With numerous inventive shots and some subversive sentiment and romance, the film was a hit with the audiences and the critics applauded it.  The film exhibited Alfred Hitchcock’s readiness to develop as a genius director even at this phase in his career.

7. Rebecca (1940)

Marry a man that you know good enough, never marry a man that you’ve known for two weeks, it could turn out to be a bad decision. It holds particularly true in this occasion, when a young lady marries a lamenting widower she just met and now she should contend with the memory of his first spouse. And it’s not the apparition of his ex-wife that she must deal with; she’s additionally has to go up against her husband’s unstable maid and the ex wife’s lover. A dedicated retelling of Daphne du Maurier’s novel, Alfred Hitchcock’s film adaptation was a triumph that won the Oscar for the Best Picture.

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6. Strangers On A Train (1951)

This story focuses on a furtive meeting between two strangers, amid which the possibility of a crisscross kill plot is drifted. However, when the tennis genius’ wife winds up dead, he must race to prevent his co-conspirator from confining him for the wrongdoing, while likewise endeavoring to abstain from conferring murder himself. By featuring the story’s themes differently in relation to his visual decisions, Hitchcock transforms this melodrama into one of his signature, jolting thrillers.

5. The Birds (1963)

In case if you didn’t dread pigeons before this picture, then this Hitchcock exemplary will make sure that you never see them the way you used to, you’ll see them with some distrust after this film. Featuring Tippi Hedren, it follows a remote California town that is assailed with deadly fowls. While it’s brimming with tension and suspense, it’s without a doubt a horror film, filled with gouged-out eyes and awful assaults by the birds. It remains on the top of your run of the mill violence slashers.

4. North by Northwest (1959)

Hitchcock’s love for spy stories and men on the run brings another great film on the list. Cary Grant plays a man who’s wrongly mixed up for a government agent and now he must race to save his life and clear his name. The film was a commercial success and is broadly viewed as one of Hitchcock’s greats.

3. Vertigo (1958)

A romantic tale, a murder mystery, and acrophobia, now that’s the recipe to make a great Hitchcock’s thriller. The story focuses on a detective who is played by Jimmy Stewart, who has a fear of heights which is so incapacitating that it keeps him from saving people. He then falls in love with the wife of his friend and when she falls to her death, he goes on an emotional spiral until he uncovers the truth of her death. However “Vertigo” initially received mixed reviews from the critics.

2. Rear Window (1954)

Jimmy Stewart plays a wheelchair-bound photographer who believes he’s saw a murder from his window. He enrolls his sweetheart, played by Grace Kelly, to help reveal his neighbor’s violations – while attempting to abstain from being murdered all the while. This dramatic film not only did catch Hitchcock four Oscar selections, but also solidified his legacy.

1. Psycho (1960)

Generally viewed as one the best movies ever made, this ’60s thriller continues to inspire the filmmakers. A young lady on the lam is killed in her inn room by a shadowy figure, later uncovered to be aggravated and disturbed innkeeper Norman Bates. The shower scene showing the brutal death of Janet Leigh by stabbing is a standout and remains amongst the most famous and recognizable scenes in the history of Hollywood.

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