8 Amazing True Stories Behind The Famous Company’s Logo!

We see lots of brands around us in our daily life. Every well-established brand has a unique and attractive logo for it. But, do you know the story behind these logos? Some of them are really shocking that will really raise your eyebrows.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Amazing True Stories Behind The Famous Company’s Logo!


At number one we have Apple! Chances are that at least half of you are watching this video on an Apple device so whether it be a Mac or an iPhone. With all these inventions that their logo has become famous around the world and internationally recognized. The first Apple logo was an image of an apple falling on the head of Isaac Newton, the man who discovered the concept of gravity. Many people believe that this is the reason behind Apple’s logo. However, the current logo has a completely different meaning and it’s all in the bite mark.

The story behind the Apple logo is about Alan Turing who is said to be the father of computer science. He cracked codes during World War II and played a vital part in defeating the Nazis. However, he was gay and because of this, he was assassinated with an apple with a poison called cyanide. He died the moment he bit into it and as a sign of respect, Apple decided to honor Alan Turing by making his poisoned apple as their logo. This is also why the Apple logo used to be in the colors of the LGBT flag.


If you sell things on Amazon that you’ll want to rank high up in their search results to get more people to click on your product. Well, when Amazon started out they also wanted this back. When Amazon was first made many Internet search engines and directories displayed their options in alphabetical order. So the company created by Jeff Bezos looked for a word in the dictionary beginning with ‘A’ to call his company. He settled on Amazon because the Amazon River is the largest river in the world and he hopes that one day his company will be the largest company in the world. While it’s not the largest yet it’s well on its way to becoming. The arrow in the logo from A to Z as Amazon provides pretty much everything from A to Z.

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While most CEOs are in suits and ties and working offices in the city. Virgin CEO Richard Branson do things a little differently. You’re more likely to see him in a wet suit than a suit and he holds any meetings on the beaches of his private island so you guys get the picture. Richard Branson doesn’t do things the traditional way and likes to have a bit of fun in the process and his company name reflects it. He named the company ‘Virgin’ because he was a virgin to business as it was his first company and he ran it out of the church that he used to produce a student newspaper. He wanted people he did business with to know he wasn’t a professional and was new and inexperienced. But with the current net worth of over five billion dollars, he can’t really call himself inexperienced anymore.


Ferrari cars are some of the most desirable cars in the world with the most expensive car in existence being a 1962 Ferrari GTO which was sold for an insane thirty-nine million dollars. But no matter what Ferrari you buy everyone has the black Prancing Horse logo somewhere on it. However the Prancing Horse logos didn’t originate on cars, it was painted on the fuselage of an Italian fighter jet during World War I. Sadly the pilot died in action, but the plane survived. The mother of the heroic jet fighter pilot asked the creator of Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari to place the Prancing Horse on all of his cars as a sign of good luck and to tribute her dead son. Enzo agreed and the horse is still featured on every car they make today.


Gillette is the largest razor blade company in the world making seventy percent of all razor blades produced. The logo looks so simple, you might be wondering how it could have any story to it. But if you look closely the logo you’ll see the ‘G’ and the ‘I’ have been cut. This is to represent the sharpness and precision of their razor blade. The logo used to be less interesting and it was apparently said to be too threatening because of its dark colors and bold font. The company is one of the largest in America and sells millions of razor blades all around the world every day so it takes to say that this logo change was a good idea.

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This is a Swedish company famous for furniture and because they’re Swedish, many assume that IKEA is a Swedish word. Well, there’s a reason behind the letters are capitalized. IKEA actually stands for two things. The I and K stands the first letters of Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA’s name and the second two letters E and A are the post letters of the village where Ingvar was born. The logo’s origin is simply reflecting the lifestyle of Ingvar the founder. He still lives in a small home and only uses IKEA furniture despite being a multi billionaire.

7. MGM

How many times have you been watching a movie and have seen this roaring lion’s face? While audience thinks that this is a photo realistic animation, the logo was made way back in 1919 when such a thing wasn’t possible. The original lion was tamed and stood on two crates and was filmed for about 20 minutes to get the perfect shot. Newer versions of the logo have been played by about 4 more lions. The real bizarre thing about the MGM logo is that the lions they use are real lions. One of the newer lions they used killed the owner just a few days after filming.

8. Mercedes Benz

This is another luxury car brand logo and the story behind this logo is rather romantic. In 1870, the creator of Mercedes Benz Gottlieb Daimler’s wife was on vacation and sent Gottlieb a postcard with a three-pointed star on it. He liked the symbol and told his wife that he wanted these three points to symbolize his company’s triumph over land, sea and air. As Mercedes used to make a lot more ships and airplanes at that time. They’re one of the largest car manufacturers in the world right now. So’ the creator’s wife actually inspire the whole company’s ethos as well as the company’s logo with just a simple postcard.

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