10 Archie Comic Books That Riverdale Must Adapt

7. Vampironica

Archie comic books

This is a Veronica centered comic book and shows how she becomes a vampire and then a vampire hunter in a single night. This book showed all parts of Veronica’s nature and well let’s see what would happen if this comic comes to life.

8. Jughead: The Hunger

Archie comic books

This comic shows Jughead as a werewolf who becomes a hobo in order to avoid hurting his own friends. He also joins a circus and Moose turns into a Frankenstein’s monster and also shows that Betty’s family is a werewolf hunter. I guess it would be too weird to see Jughead as a werewolf.

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9. Archie: 1941

Archie comic books

This is an emotional comic book that shows the four friends graduating from high school and at the same time, World War II takes places. Archie joins the army and fights the battle in this book and we see Archie having a life beyond high school.

10. Afterlife with Archie

Archie comic books

In this comic Riverdale gets attacked by zombies and Archie along his gang fights them to save his town. It is a dark comic, but the characters still resist their true nature which makes it very interesting and good.

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