10 Awesome Business Cards of Famous People!

Hello Folks! Welcome back to Humor Nation. If you are a business man, then even the look of your business cards matter. This is what we have brought to you today. 10 famous people’s unique and creative business cards. They chose their cards, such as it completely defined them. They have mixed all their days and nights to make their businesses successful. Not only their business, they have put on efforts on their business cards.   You all would love and will start designing your own business cards after reading this article.

So let us have a look to the 10 most unique business cards of famous people:

1. Mark Zuckerberg- CEO of Facebook

He was 22 when he first started ‘The Facebook’, little did he knew that it would become a billion dollar company. As of that age, it appeared to be cool, cocky and conceited.

2. Albert Einstein- Scientist and Professor

The card of this legend says it all. It is written as Dr. Albert Einstein, Professor, Physics. He had also given his address and the university he profess in. A simple yet completely explaining business card.

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3. Steve Jobs- Founder of the Apple Inc.

Steve Jobs founded the company apple. He was the person who once said, we at apple believe that a person who thinks that he can change the world, are the ones who really do it. Jobs changed the way, world see technology. He defined himself as Vice President of the apple inc in his card. He writes at the bottom, new product development. This is actually what he did, he developed new and creative products which turned out to be awesome.

4. Walt Disney: Great Cartoonist

Walt Disney’s card describes a complete story of an artist. It describes how an artist stays focussed to one pattern until he get it absolutely correct.

5. The Beatles- An English Rock Band

Beatles had the card. This card is not registered on a particular name. The band made this card for the band not for the people. Defines that the band stayed united even when it came to business card.


6. Steve Wozniak- Co Founder Of Apple

Steve Wozniak was a great technical person. He used to design machines in his early days, before apple. His cards exactly show his love for the codes, numbers, logic. This is how he had invested time to built and design his life and his cards.

7. Lady Gaga- Hollywood Pop Singer and Songwriter

Lady Gaga had a partnership with the Polaroid as she was appointed as the creative director of that company. She is the innovator and creator of amazing music, hence this card is justified.

8. Jerry Yang- Co-founder of Yahoo

As the name yahoo, means a feeling of fun and excitement.Jerry yang has designed his card in exact fun and creative manner as he designed his business.

9. Evan Williams- Founder and CEO of Twitter

CEO of Twitter wanted to keep it simple and yet defining. He just had the logo of Twitter at his card and behind it, he have his information written. How cool is that ? You don’t need to even write anything else than your name and logo over card. Everybody knows you.

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10. Barack Obama- Senator of United States

Barack had a great life, he inspired so many people.He have made his life bigger and better. So  he was a government employee, here is his card which describes him as United States Senator.

10 Awesome Business Cards Of Great People!

Thank you! Comment below and tell us how you felt. Even show us how your business card would be.

Stay tuned to Humor Nation!

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