10 Banned Baby Names Around The World!

Hey folks! Welcome back to Humor Nation! Naming a baby is a very dearly part of parenting. It takes great effort to pick a perfect name for your baby. However, there are certain countries around the globe, where some baby names are banned. Let us see where and which.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Banned Baby Names Around World!

1. In Japan, one cannot name their baby as “Akuma”. This name is banned because in Japanese it means devil.

2. In China, there were a couple who have named their baby as ‘@’. This name is naturally banned by the China’s government.

3. ‘Elvis’ or ‘Superman’, are the two names which are banned in Sweden. Reason is unknown.

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4. In Scandinavian countries, the name ‘Anus’ is banned by the collective. This decision is collective decision of government and various parents. 

5.New Zealand have banned so many names. These names include some titles like, prince, princess, king, major, sergeant and knight. 


6. One of the most famous name in world ‘Alice’, is banned in Saudi Arabia.

7. Germany have banned all those names which does not have a clear definition and meaning of whether it is a girl and boy. 

8. In Malaysia, any name of insect, animal, color, royal name, or Japanese car name is banned. Chow Tow means smelly head in Cantonese, and is banned.

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9. There is a list of 41 pages in which there are written banned baby names in Portugal. Mona Lisa and Ovnis is one  of them. Ovnis means UFO in Portuguese.

10. Denmark banned the names “Pluto” and “Monkey” with unspecified reason.

10 Banned Baby Names Around The World!

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