10 Best Couples On Legacies Ranked

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. We are already halfway through the second season of Legacies and by now we’ve already shipped a lot of pairs on the show. There are many primary couples we have seen interacting in the show and the chemistry between them just made us ship for them too. So let’s have a look at those couples on Legacies which have won the hearts of the viewers.

So take a look at the list down below to see the 10 best couples on Legacies (Ranked)!

1. Hope and Landon

10 Best Couples On Legacies Ranked

Hope and Landon surely are on the top of the list as we truly believe that they’re the endgame. They had a sweet yet complicated relationship in season 1 but they officially became a couple and were really happy. But in the second season when everyone forgot about Hope, we really thought its the end. But anyhow true love never dies and they found a way back to each other.

2. Josie and Rafael

10 Best Couples On Legacies Ranked

Viewers actually saw some chemistry between Josie and Rafael in the first season and we too thought that they mind end up with each other. But they had a short relationship as Josie backed out because of Lizzie.

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3. Lizzie and Sebastian

10 Best Couples On Legacies Ranked

Lizzie and Sebastian really hit it off when they met in the second season and Lizzie seemed really happy with her new love. But things took an ugly turn when Lizzie found out his truth but when Sebastian sacrificed his life to save Lizzie and her family in the prison world, that really made us feel bad for him and Lizzie. They both were an adorable couple.

4. Josie and Penelope

10 Best Couples On Legacies Ranked

The passion of hate and love Josie and Penelope shared was really something different for the viewers. They had a short yet adorable relationship as Penelope always stood for Josie and made her fight for herself. Penelope and Josie had each other back and their separation made us cry.

5. Hope and Rafael

10 Best Couples On Legacies Ranked

Rafael had feelings for Hope since the day he met her but always hid his feelings as his best friend Landon loved Hope. But when Rafael and Hope danced with each other in 1×09, we really thought something might happen between these. They really look adorable with each other.

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