10 Best Couples On The Vampire Diaries RANKED

8. Alaric and Meredith

Their relationship lasted for some time and their relationship was nice as they had an understanding of each other and helped on another time to time. They were also a fun couple and their chemistry was really full of life.

7. Jeremy and Vicki

Their relationship may have lasted for just 3-4 months but their bond was really strong and it was really nice to see Jeremy being so serious for a girl who never loved him back that way.

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6. Caroline and Klaus

They may not be a couple but the moments they shared with each other made them way better than many others. We really hoped to see them together but they just slept once with each other and never had anything else. But we loved to see Klaus falling for Caroline every day.

5. Jeremy and Anna

Jeremy and Anna’s relationship blossomed slowly and became a real thing. Even when Anna died, she stayed by Jeremy’s side to protect him and love him but she left for Jeremy’s well being.

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