10 Best Netflix Shows That You Must Watch!

Hello guys! Welcome back to Humor Nation. So what do you do when you’re not working, perhaps you take a good nap or eat your favorite food, or maybe watch some television. Now watching television is something we all do to cease our boredom. But the problem is lack of quality content, if you’re an Indian then you know half of the Indian channels either air same old daily soap opera crap or stupid crime dramas. Then you turn to your Internet as a last resort for help and guess what, you find your life saver in the form of ‘Netflix’. There are numerous great shows on Netflix that you should watch, these ‘Netflix Originals’ are nothing like the shows that you’ve seen in the past.

There are so many quality TV shows available on Netflix and it’s quite hard to narrow it down to top 10. Since everyone has their own taste, their personal favorite genre, surely everyone’s top 10 list is going to be different. But I’ve tried to include shows that I hope everybody would like. So let’s take a look, shall we?

Take A Look At 10 Best Netflix Shows That You Must Watch!

10. Stranger Things

This show is simply awesome, this show would have been right on the top of the list if it had more seasons. The second season of the show is going to air on October 27, 2017. The show is set in a small town of Indiana in 1983. The story starts when 12-year-old Will Byers has gone missing, but it’s not your simple case of abduction, this is a story of parallel universes, monsters, super-humans, and secret organizations. All this explored from the eyes of the kids who just want to save their friend. If you’re a fan of 80’s movies like ET then you will love this show. The first season which had 8 episodes was critically acclaimed and the fans are now keenly waiting for the next season.

9. Orange Is The New Black

Back then when this show aired in 2013, it was only the third Netflix original show. It has become the most watched Netflix original show of all time and it was an instant hit when released. The show revolves around Piper Chapman who is sentenced for 15 months in a New York prison for drug smuggling 10 years previously. In the prison Piper reunites with her ex-girlfriend Alex as they try to survive in the hostile prison environment where the prison inmates, prison guards pose a continuous threat to them and they also have their own back stories. We get to see the reality of American prison system, corruption, and drug smuggling.

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8. Jessica Jones

While Marvel is dominating DC and all the Hollywood movies when it comes to the cinematic universe. But now it’s also spreading its territory on the television. Jessica Jones is a perfect example of how Marvel can bring their superheroes to life on the television. Jessica Jones is a superhero who first appeared in the early 2000 in the comics. The show has been praised for remaining loyal and accurate to the comic books. After Jessica has given her superhero life, the show explores her life as a private detective solving crimes. The show focuses on her encounter with people who have amazing abilities.

7. The Walking Dead

If you’re a fan of zombies, if you’re someone who badly wants a zombie apocalypse to happen, then this show is for you. While this show is not a ‘NETFLIX ORIGINAL’, this AMC popular show is very famous worldwide. The show first aired in 2010 and has been renewed ever year owning due to its immense popularity. The series follows the story of a police officer named Rick Grimes who wakes up from coma and finds that the world has been overtaken by the Zombies, and now Rick along with his group must survive. What makes this show different from other zombie shows is the characters, their relationships, their struggles in a world where humans have becomes just as dangerous as the zombies.

6. Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a British television show that first aired in 2012 and upon its release it become a hit due to its techno-paranoia. Every episode is a stand-alone episode, set in a different place, different time with a different set of characters exploring the theme of consequences of technology. Like one episode explores cloning dead people while one explores how your social media standing decides how far you’ll go in your life. Black Mirror is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a TV show that will make you think about the modern world and the technology that has now become an integral part of our lives.

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5. BoJack Horseman

The show debuted on August 22, 2014 and it was Netflix’s first adult animated show. There were a lot of speculations surrounding the show whether it would do well and if people were ready for a show having an alcoholic, angry, washed up Hollywood star horse who is trying to rebuild his life. People loved and enjoyed its dark adult comedy and pop culture satire, the show has a cult following. BoJack Horseman has been renewed for a fourth season which will premiere at the end of 2017.

4. The Crown

While the show debuted on November 4, 2016, but it soon became famous and received overwhelming positive reception from the critics and audiences alike. It follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II, the current Queen of England. It takes a look at her early life, the relationship she had with her family, her husband, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and with the people of England. Netflix has spent $125 million on the show, it’s the most expensive drama series ever produced by Netflix. But this gamble paid off, the show has received universal acclaim.

3. Making A Murderer

So far on the list we have talked about shows that are acted dramas, comedies, supernatural drama or shows that are based on comics. But Making A Murderer is a documentary TV series that followed the real life story of f Steven Avery, a man from Wisconsin who wrongfully served 18 months for a crime which he never committed. Steven then charged the police for wrongfully convicting him, but he ends up getting charged for a murder. The show has 10 episodes, but the show took 10 years in its making.

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2. House Of Cards

When it comes to Netflix shows this is one of the best ones. While the show only debuted in 2013, but it already has become one of the best TV shows ever, not just on Netflix. You’ll find this show on most of the recommending lists and it’s the first original online web series to receive major Emmy nominations. Kevin Spacey plays the role of Frank Underwood, a democrat politician hungry for power, who is very ruthless and manipulative that he will use whatever it takes to get what he wants.

1. Narcos

Must watch Netflix TV shows

And the number one show on our list is Netflix’s original crime drama series “Narcos”. The show is based on the real-life story of the drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, his rise to power, and the efforts of law enforcement to stop the drug trade. The show chronicles the life of Pablo Escobar, how he became a billionaire through the cocaine trade and his interactions with other drug lords who want his power. The second season of the show aired in 2016, the show has been renewed for a third and fourth season, the third season will air on September 1, 2017.

So guys, have you seen the shows mentioned in the list? If not, then watch them today! I promise you’ll love it and if your favorite Netflix show is not mentioned then let us know in the comments, and we’ll include it in our next article. Guys, don’t forget to share your opinions and views by commenting below the article. And like our Facebook page Humor Nation
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