10 Best Performances Of The Legend ‘Lisa Ann Corpora’

Lisa Corpora Ann, who isn’t familiar with this talented actress and a living legend of the adult film industry. She was Ann was born in Easton, Pennsylvania on May 9, 1972.

She has a very long and illustrious career in the industry. In her 20 years long career, Lisa has starred in 547 films as a performer which is really a huge feat for any adult star. She also tried her hand at the direction and has directed 54 films. Lisa Ann entered the industry in 1994, but left the industry in 1997 due to the AIDS scare, she made her return in 2006.

Her amazing performances has made her one of the most famous and favorite adult stars of all time. Apart from a performer, she has also worked as a director, talent agent, and a feature dancer. Lisa in Dec, 2014 announced her retirement as a performer through her Facebook. She is currently enjoying her life and is working as a mentor for the new comers in the industry. Lisa has also launched a consulting firm which will help the new talent to learn and thrive in the industry.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Best Performances Of The Legend ‘Lisa Ann Corpora’!

1. You need to work hard to get paid more. A day in the life of a waitress how she deals with the annoying customers and co-workers, this film is a must watch.

2. A teacher is your best friend. Don’t be shy, you can always share your problems with your teacher.

3. A single mom throwing a party for his son’s friends.

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4. Lisa feels like her husband has lost interest in her. To spark up her romantic life, she does an affair with her black neighbor.

5. She sure knows how to get the deal done.

6. Depicting the struggles in the life of a lonely mother.

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7. One of her greatest performances of all time.

8. Fitness comes first.

10 Best Performances Of The Legend 'Lisa Ann Corpora'

9. An ambitious employee who will do whatever it takes to be on the top.

10. A passenger who boards the wrong taxi.

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