10 Most Popular Sab TV Shows Of All The Time.

Hello Readers. Welcome back to Humor Nation. SAB TV is one of the most popular Indian channel today. It is commonly known for all lighthearted sitcoms. SAB TV aired so many shows, which are family entertainment shows. Almost, one out of every two families in India considers SAB TV as their favorite channel. This channel haS become a comedy centric channel. SAB TV channel has given us so many shows like Office Office Tarak Mehta ka ooltah chashmah, Lapataganj and so on. We bring you the 10 most popular shows of all the time, aired on SAB TV.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Most Popular Sab TV Shows Of All The Time.

1. Taarak Mehta Ka OOltah Chashmah

Taarak Mehta is based on a journal -“Duniya ne oondha chashmah”,which is written by Taarak Mehta. This show tops the list of most popular shows. There is hardly any family in India who does not like this show. This show is an ideal show. It has everything a great show needs, whether it be comedy, drama, emotions, love, and unity. This show is set up in Gokuldham society, where different families with different culture and background lives together. This show is a success mark of SAB TV.

2. Office-Office

This is a comedy show based on a character Musaddilal, who has to face so many corrupt people in public offices. This show was a great hit because they depicted the problems of real common man in India. The character Musaddilal received so many awards too for this show. It was a great show of all the times.

3. Lapataganj

This show is a dramatized version of Sharad Joshi’s novel – Lapataganj. This is a story of an imaginary village which have same problems like- water , electricity and all other problems. This show is a great hit because of its people. They fight against all the odds and lead a happy life. People of this village teaches the people of real life the true way of living life.

4. F.I.R

This show had the most weirdest characters in it. Be it Gopi, Billu or the be it Inspector Chandramukhi Chautala. This show solves the most unusual cases and had it own language. The idiotic things that Billu and Gopi does made every audience laugh. This show will always be remembered. Also, this show had its own kind of grammar(What is the matter is the, billi ne doodh pee liya hai matter is the 🙂

5. Left Right Left

This show depicts the love of 6 disoriented, un disciplined young cadets of Indian army towards their country. This was not a comedy show. But , this show was a hit. This show showed youth the way to overcome obstacles and face failure. It also provokes the youth to get up again after each failure.

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6. Yes Boss

This show is set around a news channel that works around the fields of relationships, aspirations and humor. This show has three characters- Vinod, Meera and Mohan. Vinod is a chief editor of the company, Meera is the Chief reporter, and Mohan works as junior supervisor. Meera is so beautiful and married to Mohan. Vinod have a huge crush on Meera. He flirts with her. Mohan knows it all. He try to keep his wife away from a jerk and at the same time protects his job.

7. Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo

This show is build around lies and liars. Apoorva works in a company and he fell in love with the boss’ daughter Aarti. Apoorva lies about his family to Dhirubhai and Aarti. To protect on elie , he make up another lies. This show is fun watching the lies and the liars. This was a hit and now it’s sequel has been started by SAB TV.

8. R.K. Laxman Ki Duniya

This is a great show depicting the life of common man. An Indian  middle class person could relate to this show. This show is based on cartoons by R.K. Laxman on the problems of common man in India. He witnesses everything around him; changing time, civilizations, dirty politics and fathom politicians etc.

9. Chidiya Ghar

Each of SAB TV shows teaches us a lot about life. This show is a great example of hat. Chidiya Ghar is a comedy show with comic characters. Along with its comedy depiction , this show teaches the viewers various life lessons. The moral values, ethics, love compassion and much more.

10. Jugni Chali Jalandhar

This comedy drama show revolves around Jugni, who comes down all the way from US to change the conservative outlook of her boyfriend’s family in Jalandhar , India. Vicky is her boyfriend , who knows that his family would never accept Jazz(who is Jugni herself) as her bahu. Jazz loves Vicky and come down to India to win the heart of his family.

10 Most Popular SAB TV Shows Of All The Time.

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