10 Biggest Mistakes In Bollywood Movies That You Never Noticed

It’s extremely tough for makers of the Bollywood movies to make a 2.5 to 3 hours movie which doesn’t have continuity issues and every transition and feature of the movie is flawless. There are certain instances only regular moviegoers can notice. These can either range from either a feature in the script not matching the timeline or wardrobe changes which don’t make sense. Discussing these multiple mistakes here is Humor Nation with top biggest Bollywood mistakes you never noticed.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Biggest Mistakes In Bollywood Movies That You Never Noticed

1. Katrina’s Self Changing T-shirt

As Laila and Nuria say bye to the squad there is a sense of regret in Layla and Arjun’s mind as they didn’t profess their love to each other. In the spur of the moment Layla played by Katrina Kaif wearing a pink top by the way decides to follow them in order to tuck her up with Arjun which is played by Hrithik Roshan. As she leaves and borrows Maria’s bike, she magically appears in a new top. I don’t think anyone noticed in the anticipation of the crazy kiss.

2. Teleporting Magic in Aashiqui 2

As Aarohi played by Shraddha Kapoor performs on stage and Rahul played by Aditya Kapoor supports her backstage and fights his addiction with alcohol. Rahul is harassed by a journalist and a fellow musician highlighting his failures. While the scene takes place the musicians actually playing on stage are also found chilling in the background during this altercation. How did they teleport back and forth?

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3. Location Problems In Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

Nandhini played by Aishwarya goes to Italy to meet Prem played by Salman Khan. In this entire ordeal and after realizing her love for Ajay Devgan she runs on the famous chain bridge back to Ajay above the Danube river in Hungary. Hungary is not in Italy if you’re shooting some famous monuments you’ve got to get them right you can’t go to meet your love in India and have the Eiffel Tower behind you. This was definitely a mess up.

4. Self Made Snowfall

In ‘Ek Villain’ Shraddha Kapoor’s character Aisha has a bucket list and one of her wishes was to play with snow. Guru played by Sidharth Malhotra makes that wish come true by waking her up on a snowy morning, making it possible with the snow machine on the roof of the house. To capture this hobby moment he comes down to take a picture while it still snows. So who is operating the snow machine now?

5. Any Mode Of Transport In Pyaar Ka Punchnama

In one of the first scenes of the movie the three boys go to their favorite drinking spot. They clearly appear to go on a bike after having ‘chai’ bitching about life and drinking a few beers, the scene transitions into them leaving but now they leave in a Jeep. So where does the bike go? Even in the transition the two boys are wearing the same attire except liquid played by Divyendu Sharma.

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6. A Lot Of Continuity Issues In Badlapur

When Varun Dhawan’s character Raghu arrives at Harman’s house which is played by Vinay Pathak tries to offer him money in order to leave them. In a fit of rage Raghu who is mourning his wife’s Nisha’s murder throws a wine bottle at the wall and shoves the TV to the ground. In the immediate dialogue after that the wine stain on the wall magically disappear.

7. Cricket Rules In Lagaan

The Oscar nominated movie was set in 1892 British ruled India in which village was mauled by an inability to pay taxes to the Monarchs as it was a drought struck here and he could not yield any crops. In a match set up on a condition if villagers win, their tax payments will be exempt for three years, if the villagers lose however they will have to pay three times their normal taxes. There was only one problem in this entire ordeal. In professional cricket there were five balls in an over whereas in the fictional movie they set it up with current cricketing standards which was six balls in a over.

8. Mithun Takes Cover In Gunda

I understand that this movie can have a separate video altogether noting its million mistakes but in an extremely funny scene Mithun’s character Shanker is on his murdering spree to avenge his sister’s death. In order to kill politician, he first takes cover in an auto and then finds the best hiding spot behind a bicycle. And even better guys when he shoots the bullet goes through the car window and somehow has such profound impact that makes the car flip. Gunda has to be one of the best movies ever made. the Rob one confusion shaker

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9. Ra One Confusion

Shekhar Subramanyam played by Shahrukh Khan is murdered by Ra.One played by Arjun Rampal, orchestrated in a way where it looks like a car accident. Sonia played by Kareena Kapoor devastated from the Shekhar’s death tells Pratik that the family will return to India after Shekhar’s. Shekar who is Hindu by religion is in a coffin somehow as his family mourns his death and presumably will be buried, but in the subsequent scene Sonia with his son Pratik are dropping his ashes in a body of water.

10. The Infamous DDLJ scene

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The ending scene of DDLJ where Simran begs her father to let her go with Raj. She loves Raj and cannot live without him. Baldev stops her, but then he realizes that no one can love his daughter more than Raj so he lets her go. But Simran defies all logic and pragmatism in this emotional setting and even though she can just step inside the train in the nearby entry. She Sprints way ahead to embrace with her love.

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