10 Most Bizarre Indian Traditions And Rituals That Will Make You WTF!

Hello Folks! Welcome back to Humor Nation. India is a diverse nation. It have its own trends and culture. Although, India is also defined as the country to have so many superstitions, rituals and traditions. Some are thought to be strange and weird. This is what we will get to know today.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Most Bizarre Indian Traditions And Rituals That Will Make You WTF!

1. Women Beating Bachelor Boys

This sounds really interesting. This tradition has been followed since years in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. In this tradition women comes out of their homes in colorful clothes and with a stick. Wherever they find any bachelor boy, they beat him. Okay, the belief of this tradition is, whoever gets, beaten by stick, gets married in one year. Hence, all the boys, who wants to get lucky gets themselves beaten up by women.

10 Most Bizarre Indian Traditions And Rituals That Will Make You WTF!

2. Offering Gourd to God for Healthy Being of Children

There is a temple in Chhattisgarh, known as ‘Shatan Devi Temple’ or ‘The Children Temple‘. Normally in Hindu tradition, coconut or flowers are used to worship, but in this temple people offer gourd to the god. It is because they believe that by offering gourd to the lord, they are prolonging the good health of their children. Hence, it has been followed by many years and it continues.

3. Shivling Donation on Death of Relatives

‘Pinddaan’, is usually done by Hindus after the death of some relatives. But in Jangamwadi Math, in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh something else has been followed. Since, the last many years, here is the tradition of setting the shivling in the temple. People donate shivling on the demise of their relatives. This is the oldest monastery in India and you can find millions of shivlings here.

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4. Life of Widow for Safety of Husband

The men in the Gacchvah community of Uttar Pradesh earn their livings by selling the toddy, taking it from a palm tree. The height of palm tree are such that, if you fall, you may lose life. And, these men do this without any protection. There is this bizarre tradition which women follow for their husbands safety. They do not wear any makeup, or vermillion. In hindus, vermillion is called as a mark of the couple, but this is definitely not here. These women, apparently lives a life of widow for the safety of their husbands. How ironic is that?

5. Sisters Giving Dying Curse to Brothers

As the name is so bizarre so is the tradition. In North India, on Bhai Dooj festivals, sisters curse their brothers. After this, they penitence by pricking thorn on their tongues. This tradition is followed and it is believed that sisters pray to Lord Yama (lord of life) for the long lives of their brothers.


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